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World After  - Susan Ee

love Love LOVED IT! Can't wait for Book 3! I will have to reread the whole series then.

AMAZEBALLS photo tumblr_mejg10QcbZ1rvkhiuo1_500_zpsc5fe7aca.gif

My only complaint is I needed more Raffe! I was reading and reading and kept waiting for him to show up and started to think

want him photo tumblr_inline_ml9fsvTmUy1ruh9ey_zpsadc20ec1.gif

And then finally...

yes photo tumblr_m965zarDfQ1rvcjd7o4_250_zpsc6e68b72.gif

Penryn was awesome as usual...

five photo tumblr_m77n13gmTF1rbr8qoo1_500_zps5951a67d.gif

And Paige....Awww she just breaks my heart...

I will say Pooky Bear stole the book though!

photo gang13_zps18af561a.gif

thumbs up photo tumblr_inline_mk8xg7d7X91qz4rgp_zps72d72cb8.gif

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Can't Go Home (Oasis Waterfall Series) (Volume 1) - Angelisa Stone

This is one of those cutesy books that at the end of it you go:

Dre was a little creepy in the beginning with his stalking of Kathryn to learn more about her.

photo tumblr_md0c244J5g1qeweuno1_r1_500_zps7572a1ae.gif

But then I found out his reasoning later on so it wasn't so bad....

photo tumblr_m4me6rjQvY1r6p48c_zps4553ba4a.gif

Kathryn does what any typical girl does and tries to locate information about Dre on the internet.....

photo tumblr_muf1rlNkbD1qcm0m3o1_500_zps73502bf6.gif

But she comes up with

Then she finds out why he was so mysterious......

photo 6675442_zpsd73140e4.gif

but loves him anyway....

and meets his parents

wtf photo 4537274_zps9966538f.gif

shit photo 6448988_zps24e88c4a.gif

and eventually we get our HEA...

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Ink My Heart - Jean Haus

4 - I love rockers -stars

photo tumblr_lympww7V8p1qktyo0o1_500_zps3b7cf368.gif

Ink my Heart starts with Justin, ladies man and lead singer of the band Luminescent Juliet headed into a tattoo shop to check out possible tattoos.

photo tumblr_m2mzwrl9bI1rrajoto1_500_zps083ab32b.gif

While in the tattoo shop he meets Allie aka Al who is the co-owner and one of the tattooers. He falls fast and hard for her....

photo th1313_zps0bbc0e34.jpg

I could have done without the almost insta-love but the book was still a very enjoyable read.

"I want you more than bacon, and that's alot, you know, because bacon is really, really good."

Allie is unsure of her relationship with playboy Justin due to threats from psycho ex Trevor who keeps wanting to get back together with her...

photo 67248-get-back-to-twerk-gif-YP6f_zps8d1f2a77.gif

Even though Justin has a playboy outside he has a good heart and it just waiting for the right girl who happens to be Allie.

"Just always be waiting for me."

I love how Jean Haus incorporates some awesome songs into the books too.

The few things I did not care for were the ever annoying gray eyes, "Holy shit, Batmans" which are equivalent to "Sweet baby Jesus!" and the fact that Allie was so badass but really insecure too...

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The Broken - Ker Dukey

DNF @ 46% then skim read to find out how bad it got....


This book was just a

River and Sammy


CRAZY photo P7xJk_zpsd6de83cc.gif

Sammy's Mom

SLUT photo tumblr_m70wjv1xoo1rnvwt1_zpsc783280d.gif


drugs photo drugs-are-bad-mmkay-mr-mackey-525_zpsd812d7fc.gif

Ok so you take some white trash people and every drama thing possible and throw it together and BAM this is your book.....

River (aka Twink) misses Sammy who left four years ago and she is now with Danny the psycho and doesn't love him or want to be with him but is stuck with him for reasons unknown at the beginning of the book...Danny moved himself in to River's house and lives there with her and her brother, Blaydon. Blaydon dates Maria who is a druggie along with Blaydon.

Sammy shows up back at home with BFF, Jasper, to as far as I could ever tell take care of his little brother Jase since he usually is with the Dad and to start a new business which rivals the business River's dad owns that her and Blaydon currently run. Why Jase never came to see the mom in 4 years Sammy was gone IDK....

Are you still following me?

photo wtf_zps7487e7ee.gif

Ok so as soon as Sammy shows up in town, Danny leaves for business (wow how convenient) and River decides to slut it up with Sammy and has sex with him almost immediately

(view spoiler)[ And the first time they have sex she lets him do her in the ass...Like WTF!

wtf photo tumblr_m7znw43eGO1r5oynd_zps7838a123.gif">
(hide spoiler)]

So the River's dad is MIA (view spoiler)[ I'm pretty sure he was killed by Danny and he used to rape or attempt to rape River and that was the reason River feels that she owes Danny (hide spoiler)]

This is what else happens in the book b/c at this point I started skimming and found out from JAnne and Sara what was happening....
(view spoiler)[
-Danny kills Maria
-Blaydon kills himself
-River gets pregnant but Danny is supposedly sterile...
-Jase wound up being River and Blaydon's half brother
-Danny kidnaps River, Derek (River's friend) and Sammy save her
-River has baby and her and Sammy move in with Derek
-Danny shows back up and River kills him
-5 years later she gets pregnant and her 5 year old pushes her down the stairs b/c he's Danny's child and fucking crazy too and doesn't want to share her love with another kid
(hide spoiler)]

Nope I'm not kidding all this shit happens in the book...Now granted the writing wasn't terrible that's why it gets two stars but it had too much crazy in it for me... You may like it....I however, did not.

adios photo 9gdyd_zpsf89debaf.gif

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Making Faces - Amy Harmon

5 Overcoming Stars!

”Victory is in the battle”

Wow this book… What can I say other than it just moved me in ways that I didn’t expect… I laughed, I cried, my heart broke for the characters. I as well as most every other girl has felt a case of UGS growing up. I knew a boy who suffered from MD. I was 18 and just starting college when the September 11, 2001 attack happened. I know how that day affected me. I know people who joined the military and went off to war as a result of the attacks and I have seen the effects is has put on people who have return as well as their families.

This is one of those books that it breaks your heart but is so worth reading!

photo 4973548_zps836cc80b.gif

Fern suffers from Ugly Girl Syndrome (UGS) but has a heart made of gold. She is awkward but funny and so pure at the same time. She’s just a great human being in general.

"If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?"

photo tumblr_lv3b5s8tKG1qd85a3_zpse20d2b56.gif

She takes care of her cousin, Bailey, who unfortunately suffers from Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Bailey is hands down one of the BEST supporting characters ever! LOVED HIM! He has an absolutely wonderful sense of humor and you put him and Fern together and they have the best time…

"I’ve got Rocky Road Ice cream. It looks a little like poop. Can we become one with Rocky Road instead?”
“It does look a little like shit. Nuts and everything. Count me in.”

They assist Bailey’s dad Coach Sheen with his wrestling stuff and that’s how they grow up with Ambrose Young. Ambrose is a superstar in the wrestling world as well as hot stuff around the school.

Fern is in love with him and has been since they were 10. Unfortunately he isn't attracted to her.

hot photo Heshot_zps8d777ec1.gif

After high school is out, Ambrose (aka Brosey, Brose, Hercules) decides to enlist in the army.

He comes back from the war a changed person.

”The lucky ones are the ones who don’t come back.”

Fern along with Bailey, help Ambrose accept who he is and remember who he was.

quote photo tumblr_mqq5co7pE31qlzvdto1_500_zps98b85dc1.jpg

"She liked the option of flying without responsibility of saving the world"

love photo tumblr_mgas66AGwv1rm4qs9o1_500_zpsf91bc18a.gif

"What good was flying if there was no one on the other end of the string?"

Because this review needs some humor, here ya go! Go read it!

photo tumblr_mri0oyFnqm1rvt5ato1_500_zps94835d6d.gif

Big props to my BBB, JAnne there with me to hold my hand when I was boohooing like a baby! Now on to my funny book….

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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

10/19/13- Reread to prepare for Allegiant!

Beatrice aka Tris lives in a world that is separated into 5 factions

Abnegation- The Selfless
Candor- The Honest
Dauntless- The Brave
Euradite- The Intelligent
Amity- The Peaceful

Beatrice is from the Abnegation faction and doesn't feel selfless so she chooses to be Dauntless

photo dauntless_zps7521b1b0.png

Tris finds out she is Divergent and it is dangerous to let anyone know this information.

She meets Four who is a trainer for Dauntless and falls head over heels...

Four helps Tris find herself and become brave

"Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up. I've seen it. It's fascinating."

And then all hell breaks loose...

"its when you are acting selflessly that you are at your bravest"

Update - 8/26/13 Movie trailer now released...I can't wait! AGHHHH

photo tumblr_monamcHWg11rrc4poo1_500_zpsb498c532.jpg

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The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton

This book was cheesy but oh so hilarious! If you are serious and can't take some lighthearted banter than stay away....

LOVE IT photo tumblr_mmg7byBIYE1qf8btso1_400_zpsd0c76854.gif

I'm telling you I spent most of the book

laughing photo tumblr_mk94ccXyX71s9uy7jo1_500_zpsa5293ed7.gif

Grace Sheridan is a 33 year old aspiring singer/actress who currently lives with her best friend Holly.

She meets up and coming heartthrob, Jack Hamilton and is smitten over the English actor. Only problem is he is only 24 and a hot commodity.

Jack is so sweet, hot and funny!

lady boner photo ladyboner_zps99770f4f.gif

They go ahead and get together and the rest is just hi-jinx. They are hilarious together!

lol photo tumblr_mjxuai06lM1ruttf7o1_500_zpsf08c56a8.gif

And LOTS of sexxy times....They even managed to make some of those encounters hilarious.....

lol photo tumblr_inline_mmftxceHX31qz4rgp_zps6590a25f.gif

I absolutely loved the relationship between Holly and Grace. You know its a great friendship when you call her an asshead! HAHA

lol photo tumblr_mbyopim9VK1rnewhgo1_500_zpscd049683.gif

Nick and Grace's friendship was hilarious too....Everyone loves the gay BFF!

lol photo tumblr_mel3zh8S7p1rm1em6o1_500_zpsc94658bb.gif

Best advice I can give you regarding this book.....

read photo ReadHunny_zps73fd898d.gif

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The Do-Over - M.K. Schiller

4 Funny Stars

You have frumpy, 28-year old virgin lawyer, Lanie.

You have hot journalist, playboy Kyle.

You have Lanie's awful wench of a sister, Cassie.

And you have Cassie's boyfriend Brad, who is also Kyle's friend, Lanie's co-worker and love interest.

Lanie thinks Brad would be the perfect life partner for her. They have similar goals and work together and he is her ideal man.

photo tumblr_lmcbngGUZs1qa9fb5o1_500_zps3b63aef3.gif

Unfortunately Brad is dating mega bitch, moocher Cassie. Lanie knows a break-up is inevitable since Cassie is a serial cheater so she wants to be prepared for Brad when that happens. When Brad sets up his friend Kyle on a date with Lanie, she decides to enlist his help on "Operation get Brad." The problem is Lanie is boring and not feminine at all.

photo tumblr_mscxrowYcL1rcsm4to1_500_zps86b35ade.gif

I absolutely loathed Cassie. Someone needed to tell her

DUMB photo yrg_zps82279eff.gif

But unfortunately her mom blew her head up and made her think she was top shit for selling cosmetics. The whole book I wanted Lanie to punch her in the twat and tell her

photo you-aint-shit_zps821c7e8a.gif

There was quite a bit of humor that came along the way of her trying to get with Brad. A few sad parts and a few small annoyances that caused eye rolls and WTF's... (view spoiler)[ She seems pretty naive and dumb to be a lawyer and puts up with too much shit from her piece of shit sister and mother. She comes first time during sex and Kyle thinks its the best sex he ever had blah blah blah even though he was previously like a male whore (hide spoiler)]

photo wtf_zps7487e7ee.gif

but for the most part a cute, nice read.

thumbs up photo 3034659491_1_11_En8hT2ZA_zps1c8828e7.gif

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Panic - J.A. Huss

3.5 Final Rook and Ronin Stars

So you know how you absolutely loved the first and second books and hope the third will live up to their bar they set? Yeah, this one not quite....

feel me photo tumblr_lryvxycR8D1qbvaudo1_250_zpsa3f11cb1.gif

Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed reading this one but I felt I had all sorts of mixed signals.

For Ronin to be a badass he somewhat turned into a puss as well. You are the front man! Act like it!

photo tumblr_m1knka6sGm1qcb07i_zpsf9217723.gif

Rook is supposed to be all screwed up with her life from what Ford said but she seemed totally together to me. She had her game plan and got her ducks in a row just fine.

come at me photo 13826__safe_fluttershy_animated_zpsffb670b2.gif

Spencer really didn't do much in this book.

WTF photo tumblr_mtvwljEAkq1srzaw8o1_500_zps7d152ab3.gif

Ford was weird but freaky as well in this one...I still don't know what to think about him. It's hard to picture a hot weirdo...

nerd photo -Hot-Guy-shia-labeouf-29315993-250-225_zpsa2e4112d.gif

And Clare...Man, I hate Clare...I just want to say to Ronin....

came photo post-19816-Star-Wars-gif-you-came-in-that-j8td_zps5c9be3e2.gif

The ending seemed a little too rushed. It was like Climax and then

bam photo tumblr_inline_mslezuyhjn1qz4rgp_zps367dffb7.gif

The End. The finale could have been explained better than it was. Anyways overall I still love the series and love Rook and Ronin.

kissing photo tumblr_mfta63s5Av1qmsrqqo1_500_zpsa9974a12.gif

I will still be anticipating Spencer and Ford's books.

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Discovering Us - Harper Bentley

Why oh Why do I torture myself reading cliffhangers that have no release date on the next book???

cliffhanger photo tumblr_mpecknwzxI1r5452po1_400_zps9152c08a.gif



I decided to read this knowing it was a cliffhanger since it was short. WHY!! WHY!!


angry photo 4906547_zpse3e78325.gif




I'm reading along and then bam. THE FUCKING END!! AGHHHH


kidding me photo 4331065_zps4d564cbc.gif


I will say as of right now I want to find out what happens. Depending on how long it takes book 2 to come out I may forget the story or just not be interested at all anymore though...


photo 843975_zps47598f21.gif


Anyways, overall it was a decent NA read. Kinda reminded me of That Boy, Emerge, and maybe a little of More Than This.



You have the guy and girl who grew up together and fell in love and were BFF's, grew apart, did their own thing, got back together....then he goes to college to play baseball and she winds up at different college....That's all of the story you are getting from me...


kissing photo tumblr_m3vv7i35zn1rs00nzo1_500_zpsc401bcfc.gif


I did take a few points away for the "its so big I'm not sure if it will fit" and "I'm a virgin but I'm having an orgasm the first time I do it and its so amazing blah blah blah"

Star Crossed - Kele Moon

I have not read the first in this series but I was told these can be read as a standalone so I was okay with it. Romeo is a hot MMA fighter... (I have this thing for hot MMA fighters too....mmmm hmm)


Juliet aka Jules is a lawyer/cop/karate master/twin sister to Wyatt who can't stand Romeo.

I liked this book with the exception of the "hick speak." I am from the south and I talk country enough myself that I don't want to read about it! I don't care if you are trying to make someone sound backwoods or not I hate reading ain't and dontcha and ya'll. For Juliet to be a lawyer she really was pretty dense as well. Is she an actual cop or a dispatcher since all she did was answer the phone and direct calls?



Anyways they meet up in Vegas and hook up. Then Romeo comes to hick town USA to train at the gym that Jules/Wyatt/Clay own with Clay to work on his ground game. He secretly wants to come there to see Jules though.

They hook up and start a secret relationship without Wyatt knowing. Oh yeah...


lol photo y3Yxr_zpsb965cb1e.gif


Then of course you have fight between the two and some mob drama to throw in there for good measure. That's when the action takes off..


damn photo 4748639_zpsf766bc56.gif


This was a nice read that I overall enjoyed. Kele Moon knows how to write some smoking sex scenes...


hump photo tumblr_m1vouqDAqV1qlo9hgo1_r1_500_zpsfa3180bc.gif


I'll probably read a Tino or Nova book but likely not Wyatt since I can't handle the hickisms.

Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover

4.5 stars


Another nice one by Colleen Hoover...I would complain about how it was too short and how I figured out the twist but you know what, Colleen is awesome and I am a major fangirl, plus she wrote this and gave it out free to her fans to that alone makes it pretty great.



Daniel is looking for his Cinderella.....He meets Sky's friend Six and has an instant connection with her. Except Holder says she's off limits...She isn't trying to make him into something he's not. They get along great.



"It's not my fault. She hates purses and she fist bumped me, then she made me push her on the damn merry-go-round."


They are going smoothly and then you get to the big drama bump in the road. I could have done without this bump. The book would have been just as good without this but whatever....Moving on.


It was just overall a enjoyable story to read. Daniel's family was pretty funny as well.

Sempre: Redemption (Forever, #2) - J.M. Darhower



10 photo NHuJ8_zps1ea08e92.gif


Re-fucking-demption What a great name for this wonderful finale to the love story of Haven and Carmine. I mean it couldn't have ended any better for me. I have been highly, I mean highly anticipating this book….I saw it was available for ARC from Edelweiss and I swear I couldn't click it fast enough…..


I don't want to spoil this book for anyone so this is the best review I can do for now since I can’t use quotes because the book has not been released yet but if you enjoyed Sempre I hope you love this one as much as I did!


Haven and Carmine are meant to be together.


destiny photo tumblr_mcsdimW0hC1rjpl2xo1_500_zps42974a9c.gif



I love that Carmine wasn't a perfect.


photo scalephp_zpsbd0bf844.jpg


I love that Haven found herself.


photo 2a78950d-ed05-4424-a2a3-9f87a63f74c6_zps399ad173.jpg


I love that Corrado is still just a badass mofo.


photo tumblr_mov7luvTPl1r9ku1so1_500_zps9d3541ed.gif


I love what all Vincent is willing to do for his family…


i love you photo tumblr_mifayeCHgY1rbbys1o1_500_zpsea1c813b.gif


Salvatore I hate you...


die photo tumblr_inline_mkr5cshFD61qz4rgp_zpsf1661878.gif


I wish there was more Dom in this book but beggers can’t be choosers.


judging photo tumblr_m1nizkZfHX1r9f8tk_zps0fa78637.gif


JK By the way :)


With regard to the epilogue…..



swoon photo tumblr_m8m6igkEFs1rt4c9oo1_500_zpscc9e2a06.gif


I'm so happy with the conclusion of this story....But so sad that its over....


crying photo Kristen-Bell-Laughing-to-Crying_zps74cdffd9.gif



the end photo tumblr_mfuuvc3UzO1r4ahdfo1_500_zps95f5fddb.gif


*ARC provided by Edelweiss on behalf of Gallery Books in turn for an honest review.*

Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower

Ahhhh Sempre…..One of my absolute favorites!!!!


amazing photo amazing_zps15969676.gif


So I have been highly anticipating this book since I heard it was being re-released….Honestly I didn't feel they changed too much regarding the book....There are a few things I wish they kept **cough cough angry dragon** but whatever..


Haven is a slave


photo willa-willa-holland-3663279-300-400_zpsc4b9a3a7.jpg


Carmine is the son of Vincent who buys Haven.


photo DGG-006235_zpsa865f2ff.jpg


Carmine is a disgruntled teen who saw his mother being gunned down as a child. He doesn't do well with relationships and looks to acting out and drugs and drinking to dull his pain...


love photo February-01-2012-21-50-58-tumblrlw9y61ZRQN1qj5t08o1500_zpsb7b3a976.gif


Haven and Carmine meet and are two total opposites. However, they have a special spark that strikes someone like lightning.



"Colpo di fulmine"


love photo tumblr_mogcooXGtP1rdw96to1_500_zpse28924ee.gif


Haven gets caught up in a predicament.


danger photo tumblr_m9gejbTIK31rnbgkp_zps06c57248.gif


Carmine wants to save her and in the end he would do just about anything for Haven...


love photo tumblr_mpf78uqqyO1qii8hro1_500_zps9ab9d1db.gif



"I love you too, Sempre."



love photo tumblr_mgas66AGwv1rm4qs9o1_500_zpsf91bc18a.gif


9/27/13 REREAD OF NEW VERSION!!! *ARC provided by Edelweiss on behalf of Gallery Books in turn for an honest review.*

Double Full - Kindle Alexander

5 Smooches to Jace and Colt!


I really enjoy it when a book gives you some hot scenes but also tells a story and a good one. Double full falls completely into that category! Kindle is such a great author at telling you a M/M love story! I felt their joy, heartache and love all throughout this book.


Colt is a star quarterback at the University of Texas preparing to enter into the NFL. Unfortunately for him no one knows he’s secretly gay.


photo 54A58995_zpsa08d4594.jpg


He is secretly in love with Jace who is a star cheerleader for UT.



Jace has been lusting over him too though! They hook up one day in the locker room and boy is that scene hot!!!! Then they see each other under secretly and go on a nice vacation together.


photo tumblr_lgfzmahCg71qcp9t8_zps6b7e957e.gif



Colt is scared to come out to the world seeing as his dad is a homophobe, he lives in Texas (Yes the South is still somewhat behind on the whole equal rights thing but we are getting there!), and he’s a football player and worried it could mess with his career. Colt’s Dad- Larry


hate photo God-I-hate-you_zpsb7a88605.gif


His dad finds out and it causes Colt to worry for Jace’s safety so he is pushed away. This part made me so sad!!


crying photo tobeymaguire_1_zps7e7f2e90.gif


Fast forward 10 years and Colt is living a lie and miserable and unfortunately turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Jace is successful, out and proud but still sad and missing Colt.


NOT OKAY photo QEvCsZA_zpse7f795c7.gif


Colt is about to get married…..


married photo tumblr_mhhhyoZcWi1rbjgjio1_500_zpsb6e99e29.gif


Colt realizes he misses and needs Jace and hopes he still has a chance.


photo tumblr_m5df8ickYm1qevro5o1_500_zps633d902d.gif


He comes to see Jace and his reaction is….


HELLO photo youhadmeathello_zps32307e4f.gif


Here is how I was feeling at this point…


happy photo tumblr_m5iltmlX6o1rr5nvs_zpsbc68eb79.gif happy photo tumblr_inline_mizxdrVeMc1qz4rgp_zps2abe813c.gif


Then …..


true photo i-knew-it-was-too-good-to-be-true_1213_zpse52c7595.gif


feels photo troy_zpscec63068.gif


But finally how I felt at the end…


swoon photo tumblr_m3ij3jn5SG1qjf5bd_zps203666af.gif


I can’t wait to read more of this series!


thumbs up photo tumblr_m4rzu6Eu1G1qckl0z_zps6f81845c.gif


Kindle you are one of my favorite M/M authors!


awesome photo tumblr_m626zkhCdF1r91bgy_zps91f1c976.gif


I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review, which you just received :)


Kindle is doing a giveaway as part of her blog tour for Double Full!! photo blogtourbutton_zps937e32b0.jpg Click on Rafflecopter button for giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Exclusive Status For Your Books On BookLikes

It's time for Thursday Release and it's a feature many of you requested :-) Now when a given book doesn't fit any default status on your Shelf (Read, Planning to read, Currently reading) you can create your own exclusive book status.


How? You can create and organize your books with new statuses in several ways.


Go to your Shelf Page and create your new status with your name, e.g. Not finished. New status will be added and visible at once on your Shelf.



You can also create exclusive status directly in book pop up, select it and Save for a given title. The book will receive new status immediately. 



If you want to reset previously given status (Read, Planning to read, Currently reading), click on it and Save. It should go white (inactive) and notion "On Shelf" will appear instead. 


You can also create exclusive status on Table view of your shelf (the entrance is on Shelf page). It is also a place where you can re-arrange your books one by one:


or move several books at once:


You can still create thematic shelves which will be added to your Shelf on the left and organize them the same way in table view. 

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