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A Woman Gone Mad - Kimber S. Dawn

3.5 - This bitch is crazy stars

The whole time I read this book I kept thinking with regards to Lil:

photo tumblr_me7qmbQCKa1rrpsd7_zpsb62fa02b.gif

I mean she has these multiple slut vs good girl personalities. Some parts of this book were a little confusing but overall I enjoyed reading it. It saddened me how hard of a life Lil had and how much shit she had to deal with. This book spans over twenty years too so keep that in mind. What is also weird is growing up in small town Louisiana I have seen half of the same shit she went through. And I did enjoy the writing on this book. I laughed numerous times and felt some flashbacks. I remember listening to Boyz II Men and I remember my sister walking down the aisle to Butterfly Kisses and my dad boohooing.

That being said I have many thoughts regarding this book.... SPOILERS SPOILERS SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

I have no idea what happened with Michael. Was he secretly gay? Was he mad that she wouldn't do it with him?

What was the deal with Wesley? Was he there for her to learn and experiment? Did she even really like him or was he just there?

shrug photo NPH-SHRUG_zpsb389e23e.gif

Leo creeped me out a little bit....Ok a lot...I mean he was trying to get her pregnant at 16.

photo tumblr_lrszafBNTG1qlfe10o1_500_zpscf9da4cc.gif

I did realize she never had the same relationship with anyone else since she didn't get closure with their relationship. You know its true love when he cleans blood off the motel wall for you. Right?

photo 4613103_zps3a950ca4.gif

And then there was Clark.....Clark was a filler rebound love to distract her from Leo...But it didn't work very well.

no photo tumblr_ml2q0zohC61r0crhno1_400_zps40fac310.gif

How ironic she didn't want Leo knocking her up considering she got knocked up at 18, by Nick. The one good thing is they actually had a relationship and he loved her

photo andyreaction_zpse85dcc92.gif

I loved loved loved Nick...But then he did a complete 180. So sad. I'm wasn't surprised though that (view spoiler)[ he kept Bella. (hide spoiler)] Lil treated him like shit and he did everything for her.

photo When-you-comment-on-someones-facebook-status-and-they-dont-like-your-comment_zps0ae7bef8.gif

And then she saw Leo again...I can't say I was surprised. Am I the only one who was a little creeped out that he has been basically stalking and keeping tabs on her the whole time? He did truly love her though and I'm glad he made something of himself.

nodding photo tumblr_inline_mfb4nkuUbU1r7j4bg_zps173f9877.gif

I felt that Lillian was selfish and that was part of her problem. Almost to the point that I hated her character. But then again, that's how she was written.

angry photo annasophia-robb-the-carrie-diaries-frustrated-funny_zpscd53ddf5.gif

And Allen....Awww I loved Allen's character. He was a great little brother!

love photo tumblr_mcn2d6HuFy1rp8ohq_zpsdfedec50.gif

(view spoiler)[
cry photo sobbing_zps612bdaed.gif (hide spoiler)]

And finally at the end my heart broke for Lil...

not okay photo tumblr_moi1gqr7il1sox2n7o1_500_zpse7cad8d3.gif

(view spoiler)[
KILL photo tumblr_mki82pH5Wy1rmvfu6o1_500_zps22a5f384.gif

(hide spoiler)]

I am highly anticipating what happens in the next book!

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