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Lovely Vicious  - Sara Wolf

Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious, #1)Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was by no means realistic but it was still decent. I would say its definitely YA and if you are against immaturity do not read this because there was a ton of that.

Isis, former fat girl, has moved to small town Ohio from Florida with her mom. This is her chance to start over. She has a good personality and is loud and talks a ton.

Almost to the point where she won't shut up....Most of the time its hilarious though...But other times you are like

shut up photo tumblr_inline_mjl9cqJupx1rbumi6_zps9c12df38.gif

She has sworn off love because of Nameless who totally ruined her. She sees Jack Hunter, aka Ice Prince, one night at a party. Jack is a conceited asshole and all the girls fall over him.

Isis gets pissed when she sees him be rude to her new friend, Kayla.

photo 7627903_zpsc4506a4b.gif

You see, Kayla is the first friend Isis has ever really had and Jack is totally rude to her so she declares war on him.

Their war is pretty messed up....a rumor, public kiss, fat pics posted around school, drugs in a locker, small dick rumors, etc. etc etc...I kept waiting for something to go down with the animal she sleeps with at night, Mr. Muffins or whatever....

Through her hate for Jack she winds up liking him. (You know that is gonna happen) And she winds up kissing him at a party but of course she's drunk....

JENNA photo tumblr_mlfefaQZSZ1s78ry7o1_250_zps09e2673a.gif

I will say I was a little annoyed with the whole thing about her getting him to take Kayla on a date and then Isis throwing up and him then taking her to eat Sushi? Wasn't she just puking her guts up? And you want to feed her Sushi??

And then towards the end when the drama goes down, Jack just happens to be there to apologize.....

photo coincidence-i-think-not-incredibles_zps14106244.gif

I didn't know this book had a cliffhanger and honestly the cliffhanger pissed me off. (view spoiler)[ How can she remember every single person except Jack? (hide spoiler)]

I will likely read book two though to find out what happens between Jack and Isis.

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