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Ignite - R.J. Lewis

Ignite (Ignite, #1)Ignite by R.J. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 WTF just happened stars...

I love going into a book and not really expecting anything and then being totally blown away with how much I like it...I will say starting off this book is a cliffhanger but I knew that and I also knew book two is coming out January 30th. But I must say I NEED BOOK 2 NOW! I want to know what happens!!! The teaser at the end is killing me!

Ok so Sara and Jaxson meet when they are little kids and Sara is being bullied by a redhead named Jade. She is making fun of Sara and calling her ugly so Jaxson takes up for Sara and kinda brings her under his wing of protection. They wind up becoming great friends and Sara is somewhat adopted by Jaxson's mom Lucinda since her parents are pieces of shit.

Jaxson is a bad kid. He steals and does things that Sara doesn't approve of. Finally when they realize there is more there than just a friendship, Jaxson promises to change and be good for Sara. And he does. He had such a great heart.

want photo tumblr_mjz7hn2rmr1qzvyhvo1_500_zpsb3731217.gif

But then Sara went into megabitch mode. She acts as if Jaxson is holding her back. She turns into the monster she lived with growing up and started taking things out on Jaxson. Once she realized this she leaves.

photo tumblr_mh7ibzzqB51rjx6mlo1_500_zpsdf20fba2.gif

At this point I am so heartbroken for Jaxson. He loved her sooooo much.

love photo tumblr_m3fp2gGRmU1qesw5io1_500_zps9ee94739.gif

Then we go five years later.... FIVE FREAKING YEARS!!! and no contact...Sara is working as a lawyer's secretary and dating her boss, Daniel. She is fuck buddies with Daniel but that's about it. She is attempting to fill the void in her life of missing Jaxson.

EMPTY photo tumblr_mgfzh7UldG1qhd14co2_250_zps7280075a.gif

Sara winds up going back to her hometown and guess who she sees!!! JAXSON! And he has a girlfriend!

shocked photo Rachel_shocked_by_Brittanys_comment_zps42c6e293.gif

Jaxson acts disgusted to see her and he should be. She abandoned him. But he's just hurt and taking it out on her. It's been five years and a lot has changed with him.

upset photo tumblr_inline_mk5vmuxfo11qe6jfk_zps63a41708.gif

Of course you know what is gonna happen....

sex photo tumblr_m2evayi1Bp1r4s1hvo3_250_zpsa34079be.gif

lol photo tumblr_luvp7eh9Be1r1765do1_500_zps7b6d84eb.gif

But is Sara going to stay with Jaxson or leave him once again?

make up your mind photo tumblr_m3wcseNtTO1r5m7ta_zps979b7428.gif
But then...the twists that came up along the way...

HOLY SHIT photo tumblr_lubniq2JQz1r66qu9o1_400_zps21b30192.gif

And then at the end.....

damn photo tumblr_lfalmvwlsi1qacnr6o1_400_zps452e7113.gif

Guess what too? It's only .99 currently on Amazon!! WOOHOO!


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