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Fighting Destiny - L J

Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1)Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, so this book is about a fairy

photo tumblr_mw2c8wnMDR1qhi8ngo1_500_zpsb1d1c681.gif

and a witch.

photo 807181_zps8ba02b83.gif

No, no, no. Not that type of fairy and witch....More like

this: (Fae: Ryder aka The Dark Prince)


this: (Witch: Synthia)
photo tumblr_m86z4jWJnA1rbeveto3_500_zps0e6aaa12.gif

Synthia hates the Fae because they killed her family. She winds up getting screwed and has to work for the Dark Prince of the Fae thanks to the Guild. They do meet under some odd circumstances.

photo god-you-are-hot-fyeah-katerina-and-damon_zps6088338e.gif

They team together to determine who is after the Light Heir, Arianna. Unfortunately for Synthia, every time she is around Ryder she gets his Fae juju and wants him to do her. Fae have the ability to make you want them so badly you beg to be fucked.

photo tumblr_my9pdtRDCx1qg6xfco4_250_zps5b5dde07.gif

But she hates the Fae and is disgusted with herself for wanting him and pissed at him for making her want to jump his bones.

photo tumblr_mjqy6oxnrU1rel180o3_500_zpsdcdc151e.gif

She has been alone since her love, Adrian, died though and she needs to get laid.

photo tumblr_m4tosl1Crf1rqrk6x_zpsff8b2ccd.gif

It seems like she goes stupid every time she's around him though and tells him something about her powers and more and more about her coven and the Guild she works for.

photo emotionally-slutty_zpsecd52705.gif

She's determined she won't have sex with him

photo tumblr_mx6kxn1i9o1s7gykyo1_500_zps6534500d.gif

and its almost a love/hate relationship between the two of them...

photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-2724-1380725931-22_zps9225d1d9.gif

but then she screws up and signs a contract basically saying she is his for her own protection against other Fae.

Over time we find out a few things we didn't know about Synthia

And then finally.....

photo tumblr_m2kcu8QzmR1qi69xqo1_500_zps1e26c9e9.gif

sex photo tumblr_mvyokuTwyB1t05hv1o1_500_zps325e3c3c.gif

hallelujer photo tumblr_mdsklhillJ1ruuum2_zps5e2843e4.gif

But then all of a sudden we get our cliffy ending!!! Were they both set up? Who did that? What just happened?

trap photo EmmaStoneitsatrap_zps3ac75e2f.gif

Onward I go to book 2!

All in all I really enjoyed this storyline. I did wind up skimming through a few parts just because I got a little annoyed with how much this bitch moaned....

photo a1rdol_zps4fd3d93f.gif

I mean she moaned,

photo tumblr_m2sdlizLI21rq6b6zo2_250_zps4323a000.gif

and moaned,

photo tumblr_mn6j0sKQDO1qcfk1to1_250_zps6cabfcac.gif

and moaned.

o photo tumblr_mlvmf3WyNt1s6mqp1o3_500_zpsf979d719.gif

ALSO Never, ever EVER refer to a penis as an engorged mushroom cap or bulbous head. And please refrain from any and all womb clenching. It grosses me out. K. Thanks!

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