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Brutally Beautiful  - Christine Zolendz

4.5 This shit is crazy stars....


Samantha Matthews and best friend Jen are on the run. photo tumblr_inline_myhmqjuqLh1rejlqe_zpse0dc445b.gif


"Something dark haunts us all. What darkness haunts you at night? What do you squeeze your eyes closed to when the darkness bites against your back when you're alone at night? Because I was married to mine. I was daughter to mine, and I refused to look in the mirror and see it make me as dark as them, so I walked away from it all."


They are battered, broken and bloody and wind up at a strip bar in the middle of BFE. They become Lainey and Bree as their cover.There they meet bar owner, Dylan, and talk him into giving them both jobs.


hallelujar photo tumblr_m67eyrRqbC1qf45lpo1_400_zps62fc77c5.gif


Dylan's brother, Kade, happens to come by the bar and is immediately attracted to Lainey (Samantha) when he sees her confrontation with a drunk bar patron.


die photo tumblr_mf3bq9PBpx1rcny7ko1_500_zps4d59fb50.gif


Kade is some kind of fucked up...Yeah, he's got some issues.....Girls always wind up attracted to the ones with some problems though....And he's hot so of course that helps.


crazy photo messeduphead_zpsa425c14e.gif


He had a traumatic experience as a child and is haunted by it every day. This has led him to be a successful writer but he is constantly battling his demons and somewhat of a hermit.


feels photo ckkSAdu_zps7898e3cd.gif


For some reason Lainey goes on a few dates with hippie weirdo, Fran aka Francis


photo 8ec55cec-0f8f-462a-a3c3-d1084163c83a_zps7d07ef54.jpg


Francis wants to be with her but she doesn't want a relationship. He is absolutely no competition for Kade, he just gets in the way a little bit.


GET OUT photo tumblr_lz5u16Ly4C1qfwumo_zpsf4f98fc9.gif


Lainey and Kade have some MAJOR sexual tension.



I love the way she is a smart ass and challenges him constantly


"You’re acting like a bitch, and if I wanted a bitch, I would have adopted a dog."


"I pity you for defining yourself because of the four walls you box yourself into."


Kade tries to stay away but its impossible



"Like a wrecking ball, she came in, crumbling my walls into dust… She was as broken as I was…I could see some sort of pain in those green depths, some sort of mirrored knowledge that the world sucked. And, I thought to myself…finally…finally someone on my side of the fishbowl. I wanted to know what haunted her and hold hands in the darkness…together…"


Sorry but this was the first thing that came to my mind....HAHAHAHA!


And they are just hot together...


toast photo tumblr_m9nfj3mf0L1qahhfpo1_500_zps7117462b.gif


But the question is will they heal each other or will their pasts catch up to them and they remain broken?


shrug photo NPH-SHRUG_zpsb389e23e.gif


I loved Christine's writing. Lainey was a very relatable character in my opinion. Also we share the Starbucks love. :)



I will say the only thing about this book is another book with fucking grey eyes....I mean really!! Anyways, should you read this book?


absolutely photo tumblr_mjl4zaQhnO1s7tuayo1_r2_500_zps9f2cbd31.gif