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With You - Nashoda Rose

5 WTF just happened stars???

This book is the back-story of Logan aka Sculpt and Emily. It is not required to read this before starting Torn from You but I do think it is beneficial.

Sculpt is an underground fighter and also a musician. He is taking fights to get money for his band to go on tour.

Emily is an insecure girl who is looking to learn to fight to protect herself after being attacked. She has always been put down by her mother for never being good enough so she's lacking confidence. So she talks Scuplt into helping her

great photo tumblr_llucy6tyrN1qbmozgo1_500_zpsebce97aa.gif

Somewhere along the way they fall for each other.

happy photo tumblr_mkrfcdYaod1qbjt25o1_500_zps98026362.gif

"I kiss you Emily...there's no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what's mine. I don't share."

kiss photo tumblr_lmzl92CAcn1qh7487o1_r1_500_zpsa380df73.gif

A few of Emily's friends aren't so sure about her relationship with Sculpt.

disapprove photo tumblr_m5vy4mebEU1qas2jf_zpsbf3c890b.gif

I mean she doesn't even know his real name. His past seems very shady and mysterious.

bother you photo 53818-This-is-too-sweet--Imgur-gBcD_zps29935393.gif

"My past isn't important. There's nothing to talk about. I want you. That's it, Eme. That's what's important."

But Emily doesn't care about Sculpt's(Logan's) past, she just wants him.

bad decisions photo decisions_zps3402fd51.gif

But does his past come back to hurt him? Or hurt Emily?

BOOM photo p2axq0v_zps2bf2a1ec.gif

OMG! That Ending!

aghhhhh photo tumblr_msgrei1EuA1s4xdz1o1_500_zps356321ec.gif

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ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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