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What's left of Me - Amanda Maxlyn

"I am Aundrea McCall, and I am a survivor."

Aundrea was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and apparently it decides to come back again four years later.

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She moves in with her adopted sister, Genna, to Rochester while getting treatment. While out one night with a friend at the club shaking her booty she meets hottie Parker. (Ok, technically she met him in the bathroom but whatever.)

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They go back to his apartment and have some super hot sexxy times...

Aundrea tries to bail on her one night stand but fate allows them to meet again....

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Parker falls head over heels but Aundrea isn't looking for a relationship. Aundrea hasn't considered marriage or kids in her future due to her worry about whether or not she will survive the cancer.

Aundrea didn't want Parker to know about her cancer b/c then he would show her the same sympathy as everyone else. That's part of why she kept him at an arm's length for so long. But then finally she lets him know.

And Parker is so awesome.....

"You're scared, but just because you can't see your future, doesn't mean that I can't. I see it clearly because I can see mine."

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