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Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3) - Kele Moon

5-Breaking my heart stars!

FEELS photo tumblr_inline_mohubetJve1qz4rgp_zps41ab6a30.gif

This was Wyatt and Tabitha's book. I never read book 1 of this series but I read book 2 and enjoyed it minus the hick talk. I was apprehensive about reading Wyatt's book since I didn't want his hickisms to come out but this book was mainly focused on Tabitha. And man what a great read.

Tabitha has an awful childhood and doesn't feel worthy of anyone, especially Wyatt Conner

PERFECT photo tumblr_mvpe9wsZUJ1sl84j7o1_500_zps32dcba40.gif

Wyatt has been in love with Tabitha since kindergarten and over time tries to woo her.

feeling photo tumblr_mbp2929cAW1qcqczdo1_500_zps6f768fd8.gif

"Just like he knew he was supposed to grow up, be sheriff, and marry Tabitha McMillen."

love photo tumblr_mjl4kdxGJJ1rorqtmo1_400_zps8c18dcc5.gif

She finally gives into the love she is feeling for Wyatt. But everyone else doesn't like them together either

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"She wanted the story to end with this one perfect moment.
And they lived happily ever after.
If only she believed it was that easy."

Unfortunately to save Wyatt from himself, Tabitha has to leave and get out of small town Garnet.

never look back photo tumblr_mlzve0FTy91s7dgwgo1_500_zps0fd25cf4.gif

At this point I was

freaking out photo tumblr_inline_moio7wcptu1qz4rgp_zps563b1197.gif

CRYING photo tumblr_inline_mjomz8VDIk1qz4rgp_zps4c9fb4b7.gif

And then because Tabitha's mom is sick she comes back to town 13 years later...And Wyatt is sheriff.....Wyatt sees Tabitha and guess what....

love photo tumblr_mpf78uqqyO1qii8hro1_500_zps9ab9d1db.gif

And because I don't want to give away the whole story I'm stopping there but even if you haven't read the others in this series I would so urge you to read this one b/c I absolutely loved it.

absolutely photo tumblr_mggjkojtuu1rkb0m7o1_500_zps2e6e17bf.gif

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