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World After  - Susan Ee

love Love LOVED IT! Can't wait for Book 3! I will have to reread the whole series then.

AMAZEBALLS photo tumblr_mejg10QcbZ1rvkhiuo1_500_zpsc5fe7aca.gif

My only complaint is I needed more Raffe! I was reading and reading and kept waiting for him to show up and started to think

want him photo tumblr_inline_ml9fsvTmUy1ruh9ey_zpsadc20ec1.gif

And then finally...

yes photo tumblr_m965zarDfQ1rvcjd7o4_250_zpsc6e68b72.gif

Penryn was awesome as usual...

five photo tumblr_m77n13gmTF1rbr8qoo1_500_zps5951a67d.gif

And Paige....Awww she just breaks my heart...

I will say Pooky Bear stole the book though!

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