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Can't Go Home (Oasis Waterfall Series) (Volume 1) - Angelisa Stone

This is one of those cutesy books that at the end of it you go:

Dre was a little creepy in the beginning with his stalking of Kathryn to learn more about her.

photo tumblr_md0c244J5g1qeweuno1_r1_500_zps7572a1ae.gif

But then I found out his reasoning later on so it wasn't so bad....

photo tumblr_m4me6rjQvY1r6p48c_zps4553ba4a.gif

Kathryn does what any typical girl does and tries to locate information about Dre on the internet.....

photo tumblr_muf1rlNkbD1qcm0m3o1_500_zps73502bf6.gif

But she comes up with

Then she finds out why he was so mysterious......

photo 6675442_zpsd73140e4.gif

but loves him anyway....

and meets his parents

wtf photo 4537274_zps9966538f.gif

shit photo 6448988_zps24e88c4a.gif

and eventually we get our HEA...

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