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Ink My Heart - Jean Haus

4 - I love rockers -stars

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Ink my Heart starts with Justin, ladies man and lead singer of the band Luminescent Juliet headed into a tattoo shop to check out possible tattoos.

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While in the tattoo shop he meets Allie aka Al who is the co-owner and one of the tattooers. He falls fast and hard for her....

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I could have done without the almost insta-love but the book was still a very enjoyable read.

"I want you more than bacon, and that's alot, you know, because bacon is really, really good."

Allie is unsure of her relationship with playboy Justin due to threats from psycho ex Trevor who keeps wanting to get back together with her...

photo 67248-get-back-to-twerk-gif-YP6f_zps8d1f2a77.gif

Even though Justin has a playboy outside he has a good heart and it just waiting for the right girl who happens to be Allie.

"Just always be waiting for me."

I love how Jean Haus incorporates some awesome songs into the books too.

The few things I did not care for were the ever annoying gray eyes, "Holy shit, Batmans" which are equivalent to "Sweet baby Jesus!" and the fact that Allie was so badass but really insecure too...

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