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The Broken - Ker Dukey

DNF @ 46% then skim read to find out how bad it got....


This book was just a

River and Sammy


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Sammy's Mom

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Ok so you take some white trash people and every drama thing possible and throw it together and BAM this is your book.....

River (aka Twink) misses Sammy who left four years ago and she is now with Danny the psycho and doesn't love him or want to be with him but is stuck with him for reasons unknown at the beginning of the book...Danny moved himself in to River's house and lives there with her and her brother, Blaydon. Blaydon dates Maria who is a druggie along with Blaydon.

Sammy shows up back at home with BFF, Jasper, to as far as I could ever tell take care of his little brother Jase since he usually is with the Dad and to start a new business which rivals the business River's dad owns that her and Blaydon currently run. Why Jase never came to see the mom in 4 years Sammy was gone IDK....

Are you still following me?

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Ok so as soon as Sammy shows up in town, Danny leaves for business (wow how convenient) and River decides to slut it up with Sammy and has sex with him almost immediately

(view spoiler)[ And the first time they have sex she lets him do her in the ass...Like WTF!

wtf photo tumblr_m7znw43eGO1r5oynd_zps7838a123.gif">
(hide spoiler)]

So the River's dad is MIA (view spoiler)[ I'm pretty sure he was killed by Danny and he used to rape or attempt to rape River and that was the reason River feels that she owes Danny (hide spoiler)]

This is what else happens in the book b/c at this point I started skimming and found out from JAnne and Sara what was happening....
(view spoiler)[
-Danny kills Maria
-Blaydon kills himself
-River gets pregnant but Danny is supposedly sterile...
-Jase wound up being River and Blaydon's half brother
-Danny kidnaps River, Derek (River's friend) and Sammy save her
-River has baby and her and Sammy move in with Derek
-Danny shows back up and River kills him
-5 years later she gets pregnant and her 5 year old pushes her down the stairs b/c he's Danny's child and fucking crazy too and doesn't want to share her love with another kid
(hide spoiler)]

Nope I'm not kidding all this shit happens in the book...Now granted the writing wasn't terrible that's why it gets two stars but it had too much crazy in it for me... You may like it....I however, did not.

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