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Making Faces - Amy Harmon

5 Overcoming Stars!

”Victory is in the battle”

Wow this book… What can I say other than it just moved me in ways that I didn’t expect… I laughed, I cried, my heart broke for the characters. I as well as most every other girl has felt a case of UGS growing up. I knew a boy who suffered from MD. I was 18 and just starting college when the September 11, 2001 attack happened. I know how that day affected me. I know people who joined the military and went off to war as a result of the attacks and I have seen the effects is has put on people who have return as well as their families.

This is one of those books that it breaks your heart but is so worth reading!

photo 4973548_zps836cc80b.gif

Fern suffers from Ugly Girl Syndrome (UGS) but has a heart made of gold. She is awkward but funny and so pure at the same time. She’s just a great human being in general.

"If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?"

photo tumblr_lv3b5s8tKG1qd85a3_zpse20d2b56.gif

She takes care of her cousin, Bailey, who unfortunately suffers from Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Bailey is hands down one of the BEST supporting characters ever! LOVED HIM! He has an absolutely wonderful sense of humor and you put him and Fern together and they have the best time…

"I’ve got Rocky Road Ice cream. It looks a little like poop. Can we become one with Rocky Road instead?”
“It does look a little like shit. Nuts and everything. Count me in.”

They assist Bailey’s dad Coach Sheen with his wrestling stuff and that’s how they grow up with Ambrose Young. Ambrose is a superstar in the wrestling world as well as hot stuff around the school.

Fern is in love with him and has been since they were 10. Unfortunately he isn't attracted to her.

hot photo Heshot_zps8d777ec1.gif

After high school is out, Ambrose (aka Brosey, Brose, Hercules) decides to enlist in the army.

He comes back from the war a changed person.

”The lucky ones are the ones who don’t come back.”

Fern along with Bailey, help Ambrose accept who he is and remember who he was.

quote photo tumblr_mqq5co7pE31qlzvdto1_500_zps98b85dc1.jpg

"She liked the option of flying without responsibility of saving the world"

love photo tumblr_mgas66AGwv1rm4qs9o1_500_zpsf91bc18a.gif

"What good was flying if there was no one on the other end of the string?"

Because this review needs some humor, here ya go! Go read it!

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Big props to my BBB, JAnne there with me to hold my hand when I was boohooing like a baby! Now on to my funny book….

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