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The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton

This book was cheesy but oh so hilarious! If you are serious and can't take some lighthearted banter than stay away....

LOVE IT photo tumblr_mmg7byBIYE1qf8btso1_400_zpsd0c76854.gif

I'm telling you I spent most of the book

laughing photo tumblr_mk94ccXyX71s9uy7jo1_500_zpsa5293ed7.gif

Grace Sheridan is a 33 year old aspiring singer/actress who currently lives with her best friend Holly.

She meets up and coming heartthrob, Jack Hamilton and is smitten over the English actor. Only problem is he is only 24 and a hot commodity.

Jack is so sweet, hot and funny!

lady boner photo ladyboner_zps99770f4f.gif

They go ahead and get together and the rest is just hi-jinx. They are hilarious together!

lol photo tumblr_mjxuai06lM1ruttf7o1_500_zpsf08c56a8.gif

And LOTS of sexxy times....They even managed to make some of those encounters hilarious.....

lol photo tumblr_inline_mmftxceHX31qz4rgp_zps6590a25f.gif

I absolutely loved the relationship between Holly and Grace. You know its a great friendship when you call her an asshead! HAHA

lol photo tumblr_mbyopim9VK1rnewhgo1_500_zpscd049683.gif

Nick and Grace's friendship was hilarious too....Everyone loves the gay BFF!

lol photo tumblr_mel3zh8S7p1rm1em6o1_500_zpsc94658bb.gif

Best advice I can give you regarding this book.....

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