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The Do-Over - M.K. Schiller

4 Funny Stars

You have frumpy, 28-year old virgin lawyer, Lanie.

You have hot journalist, playboy Kyle.

You have Lanie's awful wench of a sister, Cassie.

And you have Cassie's boyfriend Brad, who is also Kyle's friend, Lanie's co-worker and love interest.

Lanie thinks Brad would be the perfect life partner for her. They have similar goals and work together and he is her ideal man.

photo tumblr_lmcbngGUZs1qa9fb5o1_500_zps3b63aef3.gif

Unfortunately Brad is dating mega bitch, moocher Cassie. Lanie knows a break-up is inevitable since Cassie is a serial cheater so she wants to be prepared for Brad when that happens. When Brad sets up his friend Kyle on a date with Lanie, she decides to enlist his help on "Operation get Brad." The problem is Lanie is boring and not feminine at all.

photo tumblr_mscxrowYcL1rcsm4to1_500_zps86b35ade.gif

I absolutely loathed Cassie. Someone needed to tell her

DUMB photo yrg_zps82279eff.gif

But unfortunately her mom blew her head up and made her think she was top shit for selling cosmetics. The whole book I wanted Lanie to punch her in the twat and tell her

photo you-aint-shit_zps821c7e8a.gif

There was quite a bit of humor that came along the way of her trying to get with Brad. A few sad parts and a few small annoyances that caused eye rolls and WTF's... (view spoiler)[ She seems pretty naive and dumb to be a lawyer and puts up with too much shit from her piece of shit sister and mother. She comes first time during sex and Kyle thinks its the best sex he ever had blah blah blah even though he was previously like a male whore (hide spoiler)]

photo wtf_zps7487e7ee.gif

but for the most part a cute, nice read.

thumbs up photo 3034659491_1_11_En8hT2ZA_zps1c8828e7.gif

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