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Panic - J.A. Huss

3.5 Final Rook and Ronin Stars

So you know how you absolutely loved the first and second books and hope the third will live up to their bar they set? Yeah, this one not quite....

feel me photo tumblr_lryvxycR8D1qbvaudo1_250_zpsa3f11cb1.gif

Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed reading this one but I felt I had all sorts of mixed signals.

For Ronin to be a badass he somewhat turned into a puss as well. You are the front man! Act like it!

photo tumblr_m1knka6sGm1qcb07i_zpsf9217723.gif

Rook is supposed to be all screwed up with her life from what Ford said but she seemed totally together to me. She had her game plan and got her ducks in a row just fine.

come at me photo 13826__safe_fluttershy_animated_zpsffb670b2.gif

Spencer really didn't do much in this book.

WTF photo tumblr_mtvwljEAkq1srzaw8o1_500_zps7d152ab3.gif

Ford was weird but freaky as well in this one...I still don't know what to think about him. It's hard to picture a hot weirdo...

nerd photo -Hot-Guy-shia-labeouf-29315993-250-225_zpsa2e4112d.gif

And Clare...Man, I hate Clare...I just want to say to Ronin....

came photo post-19816-Star-Wars-gif-you-came-in-that-j8td_zps5c9be3e2.gif

The ending seemed a little too rushed. It was like Climax and then

bam photo tumblr_inline_mslezuyhjn1qz4rgp_zps367dffb7.gif

The End. The finale could have been explained better than it was. Anyways overall I still love the series and love Rook and Ronin.

kissing photo tumblr_mfta63s5Av1qmsrqqo1_500_zpsa9974a12.gif

I will still be anticipating Spencer and Ford's books.

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