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Double Full - Kindle Alexander

5 Smooches to Jace and Colt!


I really enjoy it when a book gives you some hot scenes but also tells a story and a good one. Double full falls completely into that category! Kindle is such a great author at telling you a M/M love story! I felt their joy, heartache and love all throughout this book.


Colt is a star quarterback at the University of Texas preparing to enter into the NFL. Unfortunately for him no one knows he’s secretly gay.


photo 54A58995_zpsa08d4594.jpg


He is secretly in love with Jace who is a star cheerleader for UT.



Jace has been lusting over him too though! They hook up one day in the locker room and boy is that scene hot!!!! Then they see each other under secretly and go on a nice vacation together.


photo tumblr_lgfzmahCg71qcp9t8_zps6b7e957e.gif



Colt is scared to come out to the world seeing as his dad is a homophobe, he lives in Texas (Yes the South is still somewhat behind on the whole equal rights thing but we are getting there!), and he’s a football player and worried it could mess with his career. Colt’s Dad- Larry


hate photo God-I-hate-you_zpsb7a88605.gif


His dad finds out and it causes Colt to worry for Jace’s safety so he is pushed away. This part made me so sad!!


crying photo tobeymaguire_1_zps7e7f2e90.gif


Fast forward 10 years and Colt is living a lie and miserable and unfortunately turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Jace is successful, out and proud but still sad and missing Colt.


NOT OKAY photo QEvCsZA_zpse7f795c7.gif


Colt is about to get married…..


married photo tumblr_mhhhyoZcWi1rbjgjio1_500_zpsb6e99e29.gif


Colt realizes he misses and needs Jace and hopes he still has a chance.


photo tumblr_m5df8ickYm1qevro5o1_500_zps633d902d.gif


He comes to see Jace and his reaction is….


HELLO photo youhadmeathello_zps32307e4f.gif


Here is how I was feeling at this point…


happy photo tumblr_m5iltmlX6o1rr5nvs_zpsbc68eb79.gif happy photo tumblr_inline_mizxdrVeMc1qz4rgp_zps2abe813c.gif


Then …..


true photo i-knew-it-was-too-good-to-be-true_1213_zpse52c7595.gif


feels photo troy_zpscec63068.gif


But finally how I felt at the end…


swoon photo tumblr_m3ij3jn5SG1qjf5bd_zps203666af.gif


I can’t wait to read more of this series!


thumbs up photo tumblr_m4rzu6Eu1G1qckl0z_zps6f81845c.gif


Kindle you are one of my favorite M/M authors!


awesome photo tumblr_m626zkhCdF1r91bgy_zps91f1c976.gif


I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review, which you just received :)


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