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Left Drowning - Jessica Park Wonderful! 5 Stars!!Ok so if you know me, you know I HATE running in books. It is played out and usually the same boring thing about how she loves running blah blah blah. The running actually worked well in this book and I loved how it was incorporated into the story!! So for this book:So this book starts with Blythe who is drunk and drowning in her sorrows. Her parents are dead and her brother hates her. She is falling and can't deal with life in general.She meets Sabin a spunky guy who becomes her new BFF. He's an oddball but it works for him. I love him! He's hilarious! She then meets Chris and has an instant connection to him. She doesn't know what it is that is so magnetic but she's drawn to him. He along with Sabin who she learns is his brother, and twins Estelle and Eric, all help her battle and overcome her demons as well as unearthing their demons along the way.So Blythe becomes close to this family and spends time with them all. Chris and Blythe fall for each other but Chris eventually pushes Blythe away even though they love each other.They are dysfunctional, loving, sad, trainwrecks, but also hilariously funny, and similar to everyday people. I think that helped me relate to them by knowing they are not perfect by any means."I pray that Neon Jesus will fly across the room and knock her unconscious." "How can I possibly say goodbye to the person I am so hopelessly, deeply, and permanently in love with?""She is the past, present, and the future. She is through, and over, and under. He knows this is inexplicable nonsense, but he lets her presence comfort him.""I wish I could be somebody else but what's happened to me is inextricably part of who I am. Who I will always be. It made me the person who you think you love. And so you love me either because of that or in spite of that. Both of which are unbearable."