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Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder Ok so I'm going to ignore the fact that I don't see Colt as being an ex-thug at ALL, ignore the fact that both the Avett Brothers and the Civil Wars were mentioned in here and sang (as were in previous...ahem.. better books), ignore the fact about after almost getting raped by Dan she wants to give Colt a hand job the next morning , ignore the fact that ohmigod was said in the book 12 times, (I kept seeing it so I did a word search), ignore the fact that Colt got into Harvard even though he can't read, was offered to be a UFC fighter as well as musician and he turned both down ignore the fact about how much shit was possibly going on during this book and go ahead and give it a 4. I guess the redeeming qualities were the scene where Kyle died (this is not a spoiler, you already know he's gonna die) and the end...Ugh Maybe I should have gone with a 3...I need to switch it up and read something different...I'm starting to become too critical of all these books..