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Strings - Kendall Grey OMG I freaking loved this book! The warning on the label was very appropriate! I have never read a more raunchy but hilarious book! Many times I was like I can't believe she called it that, I cant believe they did that, etc etc....If you are a prude and don't have a sense of humor then stay very far away because this is not the book for you.This book is:LettyKiller DixonSome of my thoughts while reading this book:They said WHAT????Some of my favorite quotes:"He pulls out and slaps the head of his cock on my cunt. I swear I hear splashes. Or maybe that's just a guy shitting in the stall next door.""He wastes no time parting my meat curtains with his pork sword.""This may be the last time you get to drive the beef bus to tuna town"Should you read this book?