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Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane You know how you have to be in the right frame of mind to read a book? Well I put this off and put it off b/c I had started it and wasn't quite feeling it so I held off for awhile...I finally was able to pick it up again and I devoured the story.Olivia is a very relatable character and many of the things she went through I could understand since I myself have had my own insecurities in my marriage. One thing can cause you to doubt everything you have known and feeds on your thoughts and gets you out of that comfort zone you have with your spouse. It's hard to get back to the way things were and keep it from ruining your marriage. This book shows the struggle as two people try to reconnect, move past their problems, and figure out why they loved each other to begin with.This book overall was just very realistic and OMG that cliffhanger at the end! I will be reading the next one ASAP!Quotes I loved: We love each other. We'll work it out. But the door is locked"Yes, but everyone likes being wowed now and then.""We're two people who love each other. We had a tough time. We worked it out because we want to be together. Because we can't imagine being with anyone else. Because we don't want to be."She loves you that much....you're going to drive her away....