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Irreparably Broken (Irreparable, #1) - K.J. Bell 4 Stars. This was an enjoyable, quick, and easy read.My casting:BradyToriLivTug/AidanSheliaThings I liked:1. It's a standalone (Can you believe authors still make those? Ha!)2. It had funny banter3. No running!!4. "I'd rather" jokes..."I'd rather masturbate with a cheese grater"5. Sweet tissue notes6. Brady. Brady. Brady.7. Service to others included in story Orphanage work 8. I like that Tori's parents are still alive just in Minn-e-fuckin-sota.Things I didn't like:1. Sunshine - hate that nickname2. Could have done without the whole Jake wants her back part 3. Not as believable that Sheila messed up the bike steering when ultimately it was a bird that caused him to crash. Quotes:"I'm toxic, like fucking poison, nothing instant though - I'm something slow and painful""Having her won't be easy on my family, but she consumes me: every thought, and every fantasy. If I don't try, I'm not worthy of her love."“I couldn’t breathe when I was away from you. It felt as though each breath was just enough to sustain me, but I was slowly dying. When I saw you again, I had a reason to breathe and then I messed up. I’m so sorry for everything I said to you on the pier, and for all of the pain I’ve caused you. I swear I will never leave you again." Anyways, the moral of my review is, if you are looking for a decent read then I think this one is pretty decent. It has enough going on that you stay hooked into the story and want to continue instead of being bored to death.