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Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank Loved it! I think this was the best of this series! It was a very enjoyable read and I devoured it. I'm yawning bc I'm sleep deprived from staying up late to finish. Let me try to put together some coherent thoughts on it....Cole and Rachel are both battling their own issues. Rachel misses her parents and Cole is hurting about his mom."It was a pity thought that no one had an answer on how to make his heart and mind stop hurting."Cole decided a long time ago at Whipped that he has to have Rachel even though she keeps rejecting him so after running into her he seeks her out and puts her in a compromising position that she doesn't want to say no to.Then they get together and you know what happens next. Lots of sexxy sexy lovin.....MmmmmmHmmmmmCOLE. COLE. COLE.....The perfect fucking man....Cool, calm, and put together on the outside, but tatted and pierced up and wild as shit under it all...Maybe he will be my book boyfriend... Ok so I know Alexander isn't tatted up but he is who I picture when I think of Cole... "Fuck. The possessive way he is now looking down at me- I want that look forever. Love me some caramel sauce...Mmmm Hmmm....