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Manic - J.A. Huss 4.5 Stars!This was a great follow-up to Tragic. Rook has started her contract to pose painted with Spencer's Shrike Bikes and eventually show in Sturgis.So Rook didn't realize part of the contract involved being filmed for a television pilot which causes many uncomfortable moments for her and puts her in daily contact with Ford. Ford and Ronin know each other and do not get along because Ronin stole Mardee from Ford . Ronin is off helping Clare with her addiction so what does that mean? RELATIONSHIP DRAMA between Rook and Ronin!!!When it comes down to it in the end, Ford, Spencer, and Ronin all pull together to help out Rook and we get our HEA!"Your first impression of Spencer should be dumb. Your first impression of Ford should be well-dressed asshole, but maybe a little on the weak side. Your first impression of me should be honest, trustworthy guy. Your first impressions would be dead-ass wrong in all three cases." I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE Ronin! "I want you next to me and when you're not there I feel like part of me is missing. I'm so in love with you, Rook. So fucking in love iwth you, it scares me." This book was nice because I was expecting it to go one way and it went in a totally different direction. And then I get that big ole curveball at the end!I want Panic NOW but I have to wait until October!