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Tall, Tatted and Tempting (The Reed Brothers, #1) - Tammy Falkner 4 stars...Kit aka Emily is living on the streets of New York after running away from home. She comes in to get a tattoo and sees Logan who is staring at her boobs. She flips out and punches him and runs out. Logan is deaf so he could't really explain himself. He sees something in her and wishes he knew her name or something about her.KitLoganSIDENOTE: I struggled a little whether it was believable that Logan was deaf but able to speak to Kit low enough without his brothers hearing. He supposedly hadn't talked since he was 13 after being made fun of but if he's deaf he wouldn't really hear what they said when they made fun of him? Ok back to the story. So he finds Kit on the streets playing and takes her to eat. He eventually talks her into returning to his home he shares with his 4 brothers. She plays like snow white and cleans the apartment and makes them all very happy.Matt, one of Logan's brothers needs to have a cancer treatment that costs tons of money. Since Emily knows the only way to save him is to use her inheritance she finally calls her dad and goes home to California in effort to save Matt. Logan is upset she left but finds out she will be making her way back to him.