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Chaotic - C.A. Williams 2.5Ugh, I'm not sure how to exactly put what all I didn't like about the book without giving away the whole plot....So this girl, Adelaide (aka Della) has an awful mother and non existent father, blah blah blah. She is a bad girl with a secret and an ex who is still in love with her but they can't be together. Because of this secret she goes out and sleeps with guys to fill her void, etc. etc. etc. She got pregnant and had an abortion. So then she gets shipped off to her grandma's house to straighten up her act and this wonderful guy, Nash, who she grew up with and loved so much is still there. And magically they will be going to UNC together but don't know that until she gets there and sees him. She winds up with two best roommates and they all become best friends, la de da....So of course Nash comes up and talks to her and the roommates are shocked b/c **GASP** he has an awful bitch girlfriend who is catty, Mariah. Fast forward a little later and Nash wants to be with Della after a few different makeout sessions and him cheating on his gf and deciding he doesn't want to be with her anymore but at this point Della wants to be with Justin the bad slut boy who she works with and is actually a good boy in disguise....But wait....He has a secret too! And Della finds out! And it is unacceptable! He cheats on her right before they become *serious* and then the last 10% of the book Della is back with Nash before he says they can't be together because Mariah is pregnant and the same time Della decides she loves Justin and flip flops back to him Does anyone else see why this book was annoying???Things that got on my nerves:1. Grammatical Errors - If her name is Kassie, do not spell it in places as Cassie. All ready. Already. There is a difference. There are more. Will go back and find the others that got on my nerves.2. Too Complex of characters- So Nash is good boy who she grew up with who was abused but loves Della but is with Mariah for no apparent reason and Mariah is a bitch but then he winds up back with her b/c she's pregnant like its no big deal Justin is the tatted up bad boy slut who doesn't settle down but of course wants to with Della b/c her poonanny is oh so awesome but he's going to college for Criminal Justice and planning to be an officer so his reason for being a slut is b/c he will have to settle down later. But he's a good guy actually who woos her grandparents and mother and of course her stepsister wants him b/c he's oh so hot... but he still cheats on her!! 3. DRAMA! - I can only take so much drama in a book and this one went overboard!!