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Don't Lie To Me - Stacey  Lynn 1.5 stars DNF AT 51%Ok now if you are looking for a generic book about plain jane girl hooking up with rich guy who is dominating blah blah blah than this is your book. "Don't wear panties" "You're Mine" "I've loved you forever" "Tap your shit down"So Emma was pregnant and left b/c Marcus's dad shows up and says he wanted her to get abortion and Marcus shows back up and of course you know he wants her and didn't know about his dad, etc. etc. etc. And why does the pretty poor girl always wind up going to a charity ball with Mr. Rich guy and feeling like she doesn't fit in....Come on!!! Really!Now I will say this book wasn't bad. There was nothing wrong with the grammar, etc. I just felt been there, done that, no wow factor, so I quit.