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Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken Really enjoyed this one even though it wasn't realistic..Did a lot ofandandKiersten is struggling with her parents death. She finally decides to get out and try to embrace life. She meets the RA at her college, Wes. Their nicknames for each other were cute. (Kiersten - Lamb, Weston - Wolf)Weston is sick (but still HOT!). He doesn't know if he will live or die (Not a spoiler b/c you find this out pretty fast something is wrong) He starts falling for Kiersten and wants to live for her.Kiersten finds out he is sick and doesn't want to lose another person in her life. She has to be the strong one for him.Favorite Quotes "I hated God for taking everyone from me. I hated that in the end, I would always be alone to mourn the loss of the ones I loved.""Living is hard - dying is easy. You close your eyes and neve ropen them up again. What's so difficult about that? Nothing really - except it hurts like hell to those you leave behind.""She has absolutely no idea what she does to me..She's my medicine, my cure, my everything. If only hearts could heal that way - through someone else's beating."Just a thought- Gabe was like the Gay BFF but he wasn't gay....I think he needs his own book :)