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Reckless - Skye Jordan 4.5 Love me so JAX Stars!This is one of those books that makes you gowhen its over....This story was so freaking cute and the sex scenes were HOT!Lexi is an dress designer trying to get the contract of her life. She also hasn't had a man in a looooooong time.She sees Jax at the airport when they are both headed to New York and is likebut she has this image she needs to uphold so she can't be seen with him cause he's a bad boy...Anyways, She uses this high tech app to get his number and texts him which IRL would be somewhat creepy but Whatever this is story land so it's cool. :)They wind up hooking up in New York and shenanigans happens from there....And My OH MY the sex scenes.....Jax if you don't want Lexi you can always pick me!Anyways they get back to LA and try to forget each other but can't.Jax calls her and they meet up again but he thinks she only wants him for his fame since he's been burned before.He realizes that isn't so and apologizes and then they hook up again.... and he realizes he is falling for her..But then its possible his image may hurt her career.After they get some misunderstandings sorted out we get our wonderful HEA.