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Something Great - M.  Clarke DNF @ 30ish% Technically I cannot rate this book since I didn't finish it so you can read my review and decide for yourself if you want to read it.Bookread with JAnne. I was so excited for this book....And then I started reading....I told JAnne that it was sucking...And then JAnne said it wasn't getting any better for her.....so I quit reading...This book seemed very juvenile....The storyline was where ignorant girl gets job and meets guy and guy winds up owning (in this case being bosses son) place where she starts working. Jeanella (your parents should be slapped) aka Jenna meets Max and he's just such a hottie, blah blah blah...She can't be with him though because she's dating Luke even though they haven't kissed. Max stalks sees her constantly and arranges for them to take a trip to New York together for work and Jenna is just so stupid and questioning how this happened."Though there was nothing to laugh about, especially seeing this hottie in front of me, I couldn't help but giggle from his words."I mean really? How fucking old are you? Just wait...There is more: Needing that Rice Krispies Treat right that moment, I reached inside the bag. What I saw stunned me, and even tugged at my heart. He hadn't broken it in half as I had expected. Instead he had molded it into the shape of a heart. After that, I knew...unwillingly...I as making a space for him in my heart.""Why don't you sleep with both of them, and see who makes you sing hallelujah."Really....She wants to see which one makes her sing hallelujah? I mean you couldn't say which one had better motion in the ocean, which one has a bigger dick, which one could make you come in two seconds flat, no you used singing of hallelujah..."For reasons unknown, the heat was now brewing inside me as anger."Are you stupid?? You don't know why you were turned on but now angry? Maybe b/c he never told you he was Mr. Knight! Duh dumbass!So they got to New York and checked in and he wrote her a note that said "Dearest Lunch Buddy" so finally I saidAnd if that bitch or her friends giggled one more time...Blah blah blah...Some more stupid crap...To sum it up: