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In This Moment - Autumn Doughton 3.5 Stars.This book was not bad by any means but it falls into the generic NA book category. It wasn't bad but didn't have a wow factor that I was looking for to make it different from all the other NA books....You have your heroine, Aimee Spencer with her troubled past.You have man slut, Cole Everly who has his own troubled past and will never settle down with one girl.You have their chance meeting where she trips and falls but of course man slut Cole is there to catch her.She runs, He runs... (If you know me, you know my thoughts on running in books)I will say the parts of the books that redeemed it a little were the cute movie titles, the way Cole broke his nose, and some of the other funny banter between Cole and Aimee.If you are a NA fanatic, you will likely enjoy this book.