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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It had love, it had action, it had some hot Hot HOT sex scenes, it had guns, death, and blood. That equals one bad ass book!Me when I found out Karina was giving me an ARC:Me while reading:Me when I realized it was over:Some of my favorite quotes:"I had no past. There was only now.""Such an angry little angel. Your wings are certainly dirty. They’re black.""Revenge over love”"You chose to be with me. Now own it.""Love isn't about keeping score. or what one does for one person and what another person has to do in return."" All for a girl. Bus she wasn't just any girl.She was mine.And I was hers.Until the bitter end." Ellie:Camden:Javier:Gus:Raul:Travis:Even though Camden grew on me in this one part of me is still wants Ellie to wind up with Javier....I can't wait for Bold Tricks to come out! October can't come fast enough! Should you read this series?ARC kindly provided by Ms. Karina Halle for an honest review because she is FUCKING AWESOME! :)