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I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not, #1) - S.R. Grey 3 Disappointingly average starsThis might be a case of its not you its me but I didn't care for this one....Writing in general was okay but the content of this story didn't do anything for me...So the book starts off with tattooed bad boy, Chase (aka My Boy) who is a druggie. He has had a bad life and looks to drugs to fill that void. He gets caught up in the drug world and goes to prison for four years (**SIDENOTE** I started reading this and was like OH NO! Not another years repeat! It does say four years quite a bit but didn't get on my nerves in this book) Ok back to the story..... Chase gets out of prison and returns to Harmony Creek to move on with his life and stay clean and take over the farm his grandmother left him.Then you have Kay (aka My Sweet Girl). Kay's parents hate her due to the death of her 6 year old sister which they blame on Kay. She is all alone in the world and blames herself for her sister's death. Her parents have had absolutely nothing to do with her since her sister's deathThey meet up and have insta-lust. They see each other on a daily basis since they are both working at the church...They start calling each other my boy and my sweet girl over and over and over....They just automatically start staking ownership....Missy is Kay's only friend and has a history with Chase and Chase doesn't want Kay to know they fooled around b/c it didn't mean anything. Kay doesn't want Chase to know what actually happened the night her sister died. But of COURSE! You know this is going to happen and they will each find out and then what happens, DRAMA!!Ok so now I'll just skip to the things that got on my nerves while reading1. With regard to Chase and drugs... He goes out and falls off the wagon and then she rewards him but letting him fuck her and then enjoys wasted sex! WTF 2. With regard to Kay and her mom.... They argue for a minute and then bam everything is hunky dory and all is right in the world again? HELLO! She cut you off for 4 years b/c your sister died and now she's fine b/c she found out you didn't leave the door unlocked but it was Doug? NO NO NO....3. With regard to Missy They didn't have sex so he didn't lie....She never said anything to you either so how did he totally get the blame? Also Missy is a hoebag so what did you expect, she was doing two guys at once... 4. With regard to Sarah's death You are scared that Chase will leave you when he finds out that your boyfriend was trying to have unwanted sex with you when your sister died?? I mean really? He's been in jail for 4 years....He's not a cookie cutter great guy...He's got a tattoo that says judge me not and you think he's going to judge you for that?