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Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey 4.5 Emotional StarsI would say if Jillian Dodd's That Boy made a baby with TFioS this would be their love child. This is the story of Amanda aka Tweet and Noah. These two best friends growing up together. Noah loves Amanda but she is scared to be in a relationship with him since she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. I can't say much more than that without giving it away.Things I liked- The story....Man what a great story- The humor- Amanda's diary entries- Noah- The humiliation Amanda felt (not all of it, but some of the embarrassment was funny)- The inadequacies Amanda felt (I was the younger sister and was ALWAYS compared to her)- The fact that it was realistic- The nickname, Tweet and how it was earned.- Great supporting characters (Lisa and Dalton)Things I could have done without-Emily has gray eyes. (Why does everyone write someone with gray eyes! That may have to be a new shelf!)- With regard to Dalton I wish he wouldn't have called her grasshopper, seemed to much like Augustus from TFioS not to mention he was dying from cancer- Brooke (she's a skank bitch)- Me tearing up so much (maybe its just PMS?)- Sex scenes..... Please don't make them scream out names, etc especially the first time w Brad - minor grammar/editing errors "Find someone that you'll miss. Because if you miss them that means your life was enhanced and you cared."