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Mirage - Ashley Suzanne NO NO NO NO......DNF @ 21% then skipped ahead to the endI'm just going to ignore the editing errors and discrepancies in the story and go straight to why I DNF it.Mira's fiance Danny dies and has been dead for 6 months. His best friend Skylar moves in to Mira's apartment after Kylee moves out. They do it the first day he moves in! He's hitting on his best friend's girl the first day and having sex with her!!! Anyone else see my issue here??MIRASKYLARALERT ALERT! IN MY SPOILER TAG IS THE WHOLE FUCKING ENDING SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE END IS, DON'T FUCKING CLICK ON THE SPOILER TAG OK so I skipped ahead to the end and found out that she was ACTUALLY the one in a coma from the motorcycle wreck and dreamed Danny died and she fell in love with Skylar while she was dreaming blah blah blah that makes her not as much of a whore but its pretty shitty that she wakes up and no longer wants to be with Danny and wants to be with Skylar...WTF....Danny has been waiting for his love to wake up and she doesn't even want him she wants his best friend???Anyways, you may like it, I didn't