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Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski So the only complaint I have is I wish there were a little more smuttiness in this book...That's b/c Victor is so effing HOT! But storyline, characters, sexual tension and everything was WOW!! I loved it :)For some reason while reading this I kept picturing Jason Statham from The Transporter as Victor. "I couldn't look a normal person in the eye and tell them what happened without thinking I'd lost my mind, or succumbed to Stockholm syndrome. But Victor could've had his way with me many times over. He could've raped me. He could've given in to me the few times I've shown an attraction to him. But he never did and always pushed me away...""I'm not like everybody else. And even if I had a shot at it, even if I could walk away right now and try to be like everyone else, I don't want to. I am afraid to die. I can't say that I'm not. And I don't want to die, but I'm prepared to."The story starts with Sarai being stuck with her Mexican drug lord owner/lover/captor, Javier. She sees Victor and decides to try and escape the compound with him even knowing he's a cold blooded killer. Everything afterward is her coming barreling into Victor's life, trying to keep him from killing her and causing him to eventually form some sort of attachment to her. The sexual tension between these two at times was like WOW!!! "He starts to fuck me harder and I grip the pillow above my head before pressing my hands against the headboard, forcing myself against him, feeling his cock swell inside of me." "We sit in stillness, both looking out ahead, both married to our thoughts. I wonder if hers are about me. I can't help but for mine to be about her."J.A. Redmerski:This book isn't really a cliffhanger but dang am I ready for Book 2!!!