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Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy #1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills Was this book good? Yes but I almost feel like there was too much going on....It was every possible NA storyline all thrown together....Where to start...Lets go through our list of characters....So you have our heroine, Nora, child genius, music prodigy, spelling bee champ, debate club, yearbook staff, etc etc. etc, overachiever b/c of her mom who used to be fat and ugly who decides she has had enough and is going to rebel and dye her hair, wear slutty clothes, get drunk, tattoos, piercings, and have tons of sex.Then you have her half brother Finn, coke addict, who raped her when she was younger Then you have her overbearing mother, Mrs. Blakely, who is never at home bc she works for the Dallas news and reminds me of Mommy dearest.Dad is absent as well. I don't remember it saying what he did.Leo, Nora's love interest is the older brother to Sebastian, who becomes Nora's new BFF. Leo is wanna be musician who gave up his life dream to become owner of a fitness club he inherited when their parents died. Luckily he and Sebastian are rich so life is grand. He is worried about letting someone in and getting hurt so he continues to screw bimbo psychic caterer girlfriend Tiffani