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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout 9/17/13- There's going to be a movie! YAY!Katy has just moved to West Virginia. She loves to read and reviews books. She is a funny character! "Because this was absolutely insane- the craziest thing I'd ever done. Worse than giving a one-star review, scarier than asking for an interview with an author I'd give my firstborn to eat lunch with, more stupid than..."Daemon is the sexy asshole neighbor next door to Katy aka Kitten. Katy is best friends with his sister Dee. They are automatically attracted to each other but its a love/hate relationship."For a moment, all I could do was stare at him. He was probably the hottest guy I'd ever seen in real life, and he was a total douche. Go figure." Under his asshole appearance you can see that he has a thing for Katy even though she's a little too dense to see it. He is a softie and really cares.I’ve always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside and out, are the ones who are quietly unaware of their effect.The ones who throw their beauty around, waste what they have? Their beauty is only passing. It’s just a shell hiding nothing but shadows and emptiness.”At the end of the book he finally tells Katy his feelings and basically that he will fight for her affections!"We like each other. We do. It's stupid to keep denying it."Katy- likes to fall down a lotDaemon -Dee- Love her character!Ash-This series kinda reminds me of Twilight but I'm really enjoying it. Onto Onyx!