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Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander This was a good book for a M/M Romance. Cowboys, Horses, and Hot Guys Oh My! (No the Gangham Style guy is NOT who I'm referencing to as being hot....)Kitt's a cowboy..I'm not a big fan of cowboy hats and boots but whatevs..... Austin is a fancy movie star who moves back to his hometown to get out of the limelight. They both don't know the other is gay until........KittAustinAustin sees Kitt's underwear! Apparently its the kind gay guys wear so he's suspicious! He eventually confronts Kitt and outs himself as being gay and they start a relationship while staying in the closet so people in the small town don't find out.They enjoy their relationship and lots of hot M/M action until that point of the story thatOverall while this wasn't my favorite M/M read and I found myself getting a wee bit bored in a few parts, it was enjoyable. It's a standalone with a HEA.I will say that I did get grossed out when he sucked his dick after it being in his ass, I don't care how much you wipe it off, it needed to be rinsed Also with regard to Kitt's Dad just because you are in the closet doesn't give you a right to be an ass to your son and treat him like dirt and beat him