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A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers

3 Stars...


This was a decent read but I found myself quite bored at times and skimming to get through it. The Art History and extra info that I didn't need turned me off in this book. Some people may love it, I did not.

boring photo tumblr_m43smursnU1qzleedo1_r1_500_zps1994d2a7.gif

Lexie got on my nerves quite a few times. She's so unsure of herself and wishy washy....Get it together!

judging photo tumblr_m1nizkZfHX1r9f8tk_zps0fa78637.gif karma photo 3c418c2db15f36a6fcfa7d0ef9358b32_zps0b62e6f4.jpg


Love Alessandro! He is awesome! love photo tumblr_lyuatvXV891qf2v4o_zps1392915c.gif




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And Trent.... He doesn't tell her he loves her, he waits until she texts him and then shows up weeks later? WTF

BROTHER photo tumblr_inline_mi33458irI1qz4rgp_zps63e5ecc2.gif

Get it? Brother? HAHAHAHA I crack myself up... I thought the ending seemed very rushed as well...