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At Peace - Kristen Ashley

4.5 Momalicious Stars



KA Books are great! This was a wonderful one....My only issues are the total number of characters that are in each book. I understand why the mastermind Ms. Ashley introduces all these characters since I believe almost all her characters wind up getting a book about themselves, but I think it takes away from a little bit of the story and adds a ton onto the book. We have hot, alpha male, all around bad-ass Joe (aka Cal) who I would love to do me on the hood of a car... hot guy joe photo 6609ba6100419253cb8b18ce2eb8ba45_zps10522b08.jpg

and then we have Violet, a widowed mom of two teenage girls(Kate and Keira) looking to escape from her husband's murderer.

Violet meets Joe and thinks he's hot and after some male dominance and a few booty calls she thinks they are going somewhere but Joe doesn't want a relationship so Violet turns on the bitch factor whenever Joe is around....


bitch photo tumblr_mjx9psbhrv1s7n30go1_500_zps947290fd.gif

Violet wants Joe but since he isn't interested she dates Mike who reminds her of her dead husband, Tim. I like Mike don't get me wrong but I of course want Violet with Joe and she starts heading to slutsville while stringing them both along....

omg photo 1229k_zps12bd8ce4.gif

Eventually shit comes together and Violet and Joe work out their issues. And their sex scenes are HOT! HOT! HOT! Imagine a nice sexual pic below instead of kissing pic that was placed below to prevent being flagged :) kiss photo tumblr_lmzl92CAcn1qh7487o1_r1_500_zpsa380df73.gif

I absolutely LOOOOOOVE Joe's relationship with Kate and Keira. He is a great father figure for them. love photo tumblr_mjzancvc0e1s7w2bmo1_500_zps7f10e4e3.gif

So Violet and the girls give Joe back the pieces of his heart that were missing and they wind up having their HEA after a little bit of drama involving Tims murderer.

love photo tumblr_mks9p0IsjS1s9j4yzo1_500_zps45c0f60c.gif Sidenote: Joe calling Vi "Buddy" was very annoying and at no point ever attractive. I definitely could have done without that. THE END :)