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The Dark Light of Day - T.M. Frazier

4.5 WTF just happened stars... "How could broken plus broken ever equal whole?" photo tumblr_mj0eqeF2KY1r9hj4to1_500_zpsaf5a2b7f.jpg Abby is broken and has had a shitty life and Jake is broken with his own scars and somehow through fate they come together. nothing photo tumblr_mr7t3tzQD31rlkri9o1_500_zps756ca068.gif Sick, twisted Abby was in love with the sick, twisted, beautiful Jake. Abby and Jake fall for each other hard. I mean like BAM! Ok so I was reading and thinking here we go with some insta-love BS about how he heals her blah, blah, blah from being the broken girl in love with the badass killer.....I was a little bored and thought the story was dragging. Then all of sudden there was an unexpected turn of events and I could not stop reading! I was biting my nails. WTF just happened! Abby is becoming more comfortable around Jake then all of a sudden the trust they share is broken. NOT OKAY photo not-ok_zpsddd31a29.gif The sequence of events that followed especially with Jake made me so sad! noooo photo 3161016590_1_2_AWfBs9d3_zps700537db.gif Owen and the whole Fletcher clan: kill photo tumblr_m9ms2vCdYL1r5govf_zps7050f540.gif And Then! shocked photo Rachel_shocked_by_Brittanys_comment_zps42c6e293.gif Jake comes back into town and Abby is like need you photo tumblr_mmcgf3HgsI1so4yflo1_500_zps466df373.gif And when Jake sees Georgia feels photo Feels_gif_zpsc147483e.gif And then when the rest of the shit went down I was like OMG photo vHycF_zps237dc63b.gif "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light" And finally when I got to the end... feelings photo tumblr_m3wup44b9E1qkl4is_zpsa5e5509d.gif WARNING: This is not a light fluffy read and has rape, abuse, drug use, and death in it.