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Uncommon Passion

Uncommon Passion - Anne Calhoun Loved it! This book is Ben is a hot SWAT team guy who is up for sale at a bachelor auction to benefit the farm where Rachel works.Rachel is a the cute, sweet, farm girl She ran away from the cult Elysian Fields commune and wants to lose her virginity. What better way than to bid on Ben since he's a sure thing for a fun night in the sack... AND BOY DOES SHE LOSE IT! "I did do that, and it was good. Oh dear Lord, it was good. I will do it again." She is a very quick learner and sweeps Ben off his feet.Ben has a hard time telling Rachel how he feels since he's used to putting up a front."With both hands he gripped her bottom and slid her forward, plastering them together from hips to lips" I'm telling you this book is HOT! (Only thing I did not like is you should never put the word fanny in a steamy book)It's a standalone with a HEA but I will say it leaves things possibly open So what happens with her dad, does he forgive her? "Maybe I made love to her because I'd already fallen in love."