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For You

For You - Mimi Strong Ok in all honesty, I did not finish this one so technically it could have gotten better. But after speaking with my BR buddy I'm glad I was a quitter and didn't waste any more time on it. This girl works in her uncle's bar even though her uncle previously didn't know she existed and pretends she is married and that her sister is her daughter while her mom has up and disappeared. She apparently has a jacked up tooth and that's why she doesn't smile (WTF) and she goes to dentist and gets this fixed. (IDK why they put this in the story) This guy who is named Sawyer shows up in the bar every day and apparently is tatted up and looks "scary" and he's an artist blah blah blah Anyways, she leaves with him on his motorcycle to help him with his art project (even though she's fake married and he thinks she is) so they walk through town and everyone is looking at them like they are robbers and he takes her to the dump where he lives and then his friend shows up when she leaves and keeps talking about "dat ass" and that's about when I decided to give up...Oh and I don't think you ever even find out what the main character's name is or if you do I don't even remember it...If you read this after me warning you not to....