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Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons 3.5 starsOk starting off I was somewhat bullied into reading this book by my *ahem* posse who told me this is the best book of all time blah blah blah blah. I hope they don't disown me for not loving this book as much as they do. I'm sure after reading this I will be told:I considered my rating over and over. The book overall was pretty well written in my opinion and while there were great parts to this book I started to think it would never end! It got to the point where I started skimming just to hurry up and finish! I think they story was long and drawn out and quite boring at times. Shura this and Shura that...How many times do I want to read about cabbage pie, potato pancakes, and ice cream? I have been told this is the ultimate hero/heroine story but I don't necessarily see that. Alexander loved her b/c he also seemed to abandon her many times. He was trying to protect her some but still.... I would think this book mainly shows how strong and resilient Tatiana is and how very naive she is as well. The book was quite depressing on many levels. I do not want to think about how it was to live during the war, be hungry, and how everyone I know is dying around me not to mention my love is sleeping with my sister while grabby hands Dimitri won't leave me alone and later on he wants her to have a freaking abortion! Way to maker her feel not wanted... I will just say that I have definitely learned Historical Fiction is NOT FOR ME. This was Alexander and Tatiana during the book:Dasha:Dimitri: When the book was finally finished I felt: