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A Woman Gone Mad - Kimber S. Dawn

3.5 - This bitch is crazy stars

The whole time I read this book I kept thinking with regards to Lil:

photo tumblr_me7qmbQCKa1rrpsd7_zpsb62fa02b.gif

I mean she has these multiple slut vs good girl personalities. Some parts of this book were a little confusing but overall I enjoyed reading it. It saddened me how hard of a life Lil had and how much shit she had to deal with. This book spans over twenty years too so keep that in mind. What is also weird is growing up in small town Louisiana I have seen half of the same shit she went through. And I did enjoy the writing on this book. I laughed numerous times and felt some flashbacks. I remember listening to Boyz II Men and I remember my sister walking down the aisle to Butterfly Kisses and my dad boohooing.

That being said I have many thoughts regarding this book.... SPOILERS SPOILERS SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

I have no idea what happened with Michael. Was he secretly gay? Was he mad that she wouldn't do it with him?

What was the deal with Wesley? Was he there for her to learn and experiment? Did she even really like him or was he just there?

shrug photo NPH-SHRUG_zpsb389e23e.gif

Leo creeped me out a little bit....Ok a lot...I mean he was trying to get her pregnant at 16.

photo tumblr_lrszafBNTG1qlfe10o1_500_zpscf9da4cc.gif

I did realize she never had the same relationship with anyone else since she didn't get closure with their relationship. You know its true love when he cleans blood off the motel wall for you. Right?

photo 4613103_zps3a950ca4.gif

And then there was Clark.....Clark was a filler rebound love to distract her from Leo...But it didn't work very well.

no photo tumblr_ml2q0zohC61r0crhno1_400_zps40fac310.gif

How ironic she didn't want Leo knocking her up considering she got knocked up at 18, by Nick. The one good thing is they actually had a relationship and he loved her

photo andyreaction_zpse85dcc92.gif

I loved loved loved Nick...But then he did a complete 180. So sad. I'm wasn't surprised though that (view spoiler)[ he kept Bella. (hide spoiler)] Lil treated him like shit and he did everything for her.

photo When-you-comment-on-someones-facebook-status-and-they-dont-like-your-comment_zps0ae7bef8.gif

And then she saw Leo again...I can't say I was surprised. Am I the only one who was a little creeped out that he has been basically stalking and keeping tabs on her the whole time? He did truly love her though and I'm glad he made something of himself.

nodding photo tumblr_inline_mfb4nkuUbU1r7j4bg_zps173f9877.gif

I felt that Lillian was selfish and that was part of her problem. Almost to the point that I hated her character. But then again, that's how she was written.

angry photo annasophia-robb-the-carrie-diaries-frustrated-funny_zpscd53ddf5.gif

And Allen....Awww I loved Allen's character. He was a great little brother!

love photo tumblr_mcn2d6HuFy1rp8ohq_zpsdfedec50.gif

(view spoiler)[
cry photo sobbing_zps612bdaed.gif (hide spoiler)]

And finally at the end my heart broke for Lil...

not okay photo tumblr_moi1gqr7il1sox2n7o1_500_zpse7cad8d3.gif

(view spoiler)[
KILL photo tumblr_mki82pH5Wy1rmvfu6o1_500_zps22a5f384.gif

(hide spoiler)]

I am highly anticipating what happens in the next book!

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Lovely Vicious  - Sara Wolf

Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious, #1)Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was by no means realistic but it was still decent. I would say its definitely YA and if you are against immaturity do not read this because there was a ton of that.

Isis, former fat girl, has moved to small town Ohio from Florida with her mom. This is her chance to start over. She has a good personality and is loud and talks a ton.

Almost to the point where she won't shut up....Most of the time its hilarious though...But other times you are like

shut up photo tumblr_inline_mjl9cqJupx1rbumi6_zps9c12df38.gif

She has sworn off love because of Nameless who totally ruined her. She sees Jack Hunter, aka Ice Prince, one night at a party. Jack is a conceited asshole and all the girls fall over him.

Isis gets pissed when she sees him be rude to her new friend, Kayla.

photo 7627903_zpsc4506a4b.gif

You see, Kayla is the first friend Isis has ever really had and Jack is totally rude to her so she declares war on him.

Their war is pretty messed up....a rumor, public kiss, fat pics posted around school, drugs in a locker, small dick rumors, etc. etc etc...I kept waiting for something to go down with the animal she sleeps with at night, Mr. Muffins or whatever....

Through her hate for Jack she winds up liking him. (You know that is gonna happen) And she winds up kissing him at a party but of course she's drunk....

JENNA photo tumblr_mlfefaQZSZ1s78ry7o1_250_zps09e2673a.gif

I will say I was a little annoyed with the whole thing about her getting him to take Kayla on a date and then Isis throwing up and him then taking her to eat Sushi? Wasn't she just puking her guts up? And you want to feed her Sushi??

And then towards the end when the drama goes down, Jack just happens to be there to apologize.....

photo coincidence-i-think-not-incredibles_zps14106244.gif

I didn't know this book had a cliffhanger and honestly the cliffhanger pissed me off. (view spoiler)[ How can she remember every single person except Jack? (hide spoiler)]

I will likely read book two though to find out what happens between Jack and Isis.

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Ignite - R.J. Lewis

Ignite (Ignite, #1)Ignite by R.J. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 WTF just happened stars...

I love going into a book and not really expecting anything and then being totally blown away with how much I like it...I will say starting off this book is a cliffhanger but I knew that and I also knew book two is coming out January 30th. But I must say I NEED BOOK 2 NOW! I want to know what happens!!! The teaser at the end is killing me!

Ok so Sara and Jaxson meet when they are little kids and Sara is being bullied by a redhead named Jade. She is making fun of Sara and calling her ugly so Jaxson takes up for Sara and kinda brings her under his wing of protection. They wind up becoming great friends and Sara is somewhat adopted by Jaxson's mom Lucinda since her parents are pieces of shit.

Jaxson is a bad kid. He steals and does things that Sara doesn't approve of. Finally when they realize there is more there than just a friendship, Jaxson promises to change and be good for Sara. And he does. He had such a great heart.

want photo tumblr_mjz7hn2rmr1qzvyhvo1_500_zpsb3731217.gif

But then Sara went into megabitch mode. She acts as if Jaxson is holding her back. She turns into the monster she lived with growing up and started taking things out on Jaxson. Once she realized this she leaves.

photo tumblr_mh7ibzzqB51rjx6mlo1_500_zpsdf20fba2.gif

At this point I am so heartbroken for Jaxson. He loved her sooooo much.

love photo tumblr_m3fp2gGRmU1qesw5io1_500_zps9ee94739.gif

Then we go five years later.... FIVE FREAKING YEARS!!! and no contact...Sara is working as a lawyer's secretary and dating her boss, Daniel. She is fuck buddies with Daniel but that's about it. She is attempting to fill the void in her life of missing Jaxson.

EMPTY photo tumblr_mgfzh7UldG1qhd14co2_250_zps7280075a.gif

Sara winds up going back to her hometown and guess who she sees!!! JAXSON! And he has a girlfriend!

shocked photo Rachel_shocked_by_Brittanys_comment_zps42c6e293.gif

Jaxson acts disgusted to see her and he should be. She abandoned him. But he's just hurt and taking it out on her. It's been five years and a lot has changed with him.

upset photo tumblr_inline_mk5vmuxfo11qe6jfk_zps63a41708.gif

Of course you know what is gonna happen....

sex photo tumblr_m2evayi1Bp1r4s1hvo3_250_zpsa34079be.gif

lol photo tumblr_luvp7eh9Be1r1765do1_500_zps7b6d84eb.gif

But is Sara going to stay with Jaxson or leave him once again?

make up your mind photo tumblr_m3wcseNtTO1r5m7ta_zps979b7428.gif
But then...the twists that came up along the way...

HOLY SHIT photo tumblr_lubniq2JQz1r66qu9o1_400_zps21b30192.gif

And then at the end.....

damn photo tumblr_lfalmvwlsi1qacnr6o1_400_zps452e7113.gif

Guess what too? It's only .99 currently on Amazon!! WOOHOO!


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Fighting Destiny - L J

Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1)Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, so this book is about a fairy

photo tumblr_mw2c8wnMDR1qhi8ngo1_500_zpsb1d1c681.gif

and a witch.

photo 807181_zps8ba02b83.gif

No, no, no. Not that type of fairy and witch....More like

this: (Fae: Ryder aka The Dark Prince)


this: (Witch: Synthia)
photo tumblr_m86z4jWJnA1rbeveto3_500_zps0e6aaa12.gif

Synthia hates the Fae because they killed her family. She winds up getting screwed and has to work for the Dark Prince of the Fae thanks to the Guild. They do meet under some odd circumstances.

photo god-you-are-hot-fyeah-katerina-and-damon_zps6088338e.gif

They team together to determine who is after the Light Heir, Arianna. Unfortunately for Synthia, every time she is around Ryder she gets his Fae juju and wants him to do her. Fae have the ability to make you want them so badly you beg to be fucked.

photo tumblr_my9pdtRDCx1qg6xfco4_250_zps5b5dde07.gif

But she hates the Fae and is disgusted with herself for wanting him and pissed at him for making her want to jump his bones.

photo tumblr_mjqy6oxnrU1rel180o3_500_zpsdcdc151e.gif

She has been alone since her love, Adrian, died though and she needs to get laid.

photo tumblr_m4tosl1Crf1rqrk6x_zpsff8b2ccd.gif

It seems like she goes stupid every time she's around him though and tells him something about her powers and more and more about her coven and the Guild she works for.

photo emotionally-slutty_zpsecd52705.gif

She's determined she won't have sex with him

photo tumblr_mx6kxn1i9o1s7gykyo1_500_zps6534500d.gif

and its almost a love/hate relationship between the two of them...

photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-2724-1380725931-22_zps9225d1d9.gif

but then she screws up and signs a contract basically saying she is his for her own protection against other Fae.

Over time we find out a few things we didn't know about Synthia

And then finally.....

photo tumblr_m2kcu8QzmR1qi69xqo1_500_zps1e26c9e9.gif

sex photo tumblr_mvyokuTwyB1t05hv1o1_500_zps325e3c3c.gif

hallelujer photo tumblr_mdsklhillJ1ruuum2_zps5e2843e4.gif

But then all of a sudden we get our cliffy ending!!! Were they both set up? Who did that? What just happened?

trap photo EmmaStoneitsatrap_zps3ac75e2f.gif

Onward I go to book 2!

All in all I really enjoyed this storyline. I did wind up skimming through a few parts just because I got a little annoyed with how much this bitch moaned....

photo a1rdol_zps4fd3d93f.gif

I mean she moaned,

photo tumblr_m2sdlizLI21rq6b6zo2_250_zps4323a000.gif

and moaned,

photo tumblr_mn6j0sKQDO1qcfk1to1_250_zps6cabfcac.gif

and moaned.

o photo tumblr_mlvmf3WyNt1s6mqp1o3_500_zpsf979d719.gif

ALSO Never, ever EVER refer to a penis as an engorged mushroom cap or bulbous head. And please refrain from any and all womb clenching. It grosses me out. K. Thanks!

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I'm Baaaaack!

It's been awhile booklikes peeps....Life has been busy and I've been hanging on the site that will not be named more than I probably should....But hopefully I won't completely spam you with my book review posts :)


Crash into You - Katie McGarry

4.5 Stars! 


I absolutely love this series! This was a great addition to it as well. I am married to a car guy so I could relate to many of the car things in this book. I will say I wish Isaiah could so the car work around my house b/c my husband's car is currently in 50 million pieces in our garage since he's taking his sweet time doing stuff to it.



Ok on to the actual book....Rachel is trying to be a perfect replacement daughter/sister for Colleen who died from Leukemia before she was born.


photo tumblr_m1wmnnpajk1rqid1bo1_12801_zpsaf7cc0f0.gif


She has panic attacks


photo tumblr_m9pupgkDsQ1r9rluwo1_250_zpse6455661.gif


and hates speaking in public and also has some puking and crying problems.....(she only got on my nerves a little bit)


photo tumblr_mxq90tYJhR1s01gf9o3_250_zps16506dee.gif


but she loves her car and loves to drive



so she decides what better way to be bad than to street race! And that's where she meets Isaiah.



Sparks fly and they fall for each other


and because of the car race they both wind up in a predicament.


photo use-your-brain-gif_zps4d11baf2.gif


but they are teenagers so that's not going to happen....So they work on getting themselves out of the predicament but of course things happen to prevent this from happening. SIDENOTE: If I was Rachel I would have bitch slapped my brothers


photo tumblr_mtv27iMCXi1sr3t2no1_500_zps344f8843.gif


Her family finds out about Isaiah and she is banned from seeing him.



Anyways we work our way towards the end of the book to get our HEA and all is right in the world again.


THUMBS UP photo tumblr_lf3p0v1jf61qawc1p_zps423258f6.gif

Love Show - Audrey Bell

4.5 stars!


I really enjoyed this one! It definitely made me laugh with quotes such as


"You look like a troll doll, a fucking demented troll doll."


"They always tell you to do what you love. And I love not working."


laugh photo tumblr_inline_mh622lPTYV1qdn14l_zpsec687c02.gif


You have college senior Hadley Arrington who is so focused on her future journalism career she doesn't have much of a social life other than hanging with her gay BFF she lives with named David...


fun photo tumblr_mubw95o8QC1rwj9abo1_250_zpseeb70aa8.gif


She also has a anti-relationship/love stance based off her mother's multiple marriages and her father being absent in her life.


baggage photo tumblr_mt259vhrnj1sfwumuo1_500_zps0c56477c.gif


You have hottie Jack Diamond who is the lucky guy who Hadley kisses after a dare. He seems to fall head over heels for her. There is just something about Hadley that draws him in....


hot guy jake photo tumblr_ltu8ga9sLG1qdbea3o1_500_zpsaccaf997.png


They decide to be friends with benefits


kiss photo tumblr_mvw48fGOoe1rrugpso1_500_zpsa2d9afb8.gif


and Hadley and Jack are enjoying those benefits....


photo 6004208_zpsdd8b0ee5.gif


but of course one is going to fall in love...


friends photo tumblr_m13yyeGYO81qe0deco6_r1_250_zpsb9b2f5df.gif


And how will that work out since Hadley will be leaving to report in war zones?


awkward photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-12759-1363274184-4_zpsa193cc43.gif


So what will be decided??


damn photo tumblr_lfalmvwlsi1qacnr6o1_400_zps452e7113.gif


I will say Hadley seemed to drink.....


jenna photo tumblr_ml2lb8oyK61qj110ao1_500_zps0e26f9c5.gif


ALOT....I mean you are in college but damn....


photo tumblr_m3vmj5Xre01qm6bdq_zps4a1df594.gif


The supporting characters were pretty awesome in this book, except for Ben......Ben


photo you-suck_zps399fa29b.gif


Should you read this book??


read photo ReadHunny_zps73fd898d.gif


ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Brutally Beautiful  - Christine Zolendz

4.5 This shit is crazy stars....


Samantha Matthews and best friend Jen are on the run. photo tumblr_inline_myhmqjuqLh1rejlqe_zpse0dc445b.gif


"Something dark haunts us all. What darkness haunts you at night? What do you squeeze your eyes closed to when the darkness bites against your back when you're alone at night? Because I was married to mine. I was daughter to mine, and I refused to look in the mirror and see it make me as dark as them, so I walked away from it all."


They are battered, broken and bloody and wind up at a strip bar in the middle of BFE. They become Lainey and Bree as their cover.There they meet bar owner, Dylan, and talk him into giving them both jobs.


hallelujar photo tumblr_m67eyrRqbC1qf45lpo1_400_zps62fc77c5.gif


Dylan's brother, Kade, happens to come by the bar and is immediately attracted to Lainey (Samantha) when he sees her confrontation with a drunk bar patron.


die photo tumblr_mf3bq9PBpx1rcny7ko1_500_zps4d59fb50.gif


Kade is some kind of fucked up...Yeah, he's got some issues.....Girls always wind up attracted to the ones with some problems though....And he's hot so of course that helps.


crazy photo messeduphead_zpsa425c14e.gif


He had a traumatic experience as a child and is haunted by it every day. This has led him to be a successful writer but he is constantly battling his demons and somewhat of a hermit.


feels photo ckkSAdu_zps7898e3cd.gif


For some reason Lainey goes on a few dates with hippie weirdo, Fran aka Francis


photo 8ec55cec-0f8f-462a-a3c3-d1084163c83a_zps7d07ef54.jpg


Francis wants to be with her but she doesn't want a relationship. He is absolutely no competition for Kade, he just gets in the way a little bit.


GET OUT photo tumblr_lz5u16Ly4C1qfwumo_zpsf4f98fc9.gif


Lainey and Kade have some MAJOR sexual tension.



I love the way she is a smart ass and challenges him constantly


"You’re acting like a bitch, and if I wanted a bitch, I would have adopted a dog."


"I pity you for defining yourself because of the four walls you box yourself into."


Kade tries to stay away but its impossible



"Like a wrecking ball, she came in, crumbling my walls into dust… She was as broken as I was…I could see some sort of pain in those green depths, some sort of mirrored knowledge that the world sucked. And, I thought to myself…finally…finally someone on my side of the fishbowl. I wanted to know what haunted her and hold hands in the darkness…together…"


Sorry but this was the first thing that came to my mind....HAHAHAHA!


And they are just hot together...


toast photo tumblr_m9nfj3mf0L1qahhfpo1_500_zps7117462b.gif


But the question is will they heal each other or will their pasts catch up to them and they remain broken?


shrug photo NPH-SHRUG_zpsb389e23e.gif


I loved Christine's writing. Lainey was a very relatable character in my opinion. Also we share the Starbucks love. :)



I will say the only thing about this book is another book with fucking grey eyes....I mean really!! Anyways, should you read this book?


absolutely photo tumblr_mjl4zaQhnO1s7tuayo1_r2_500_zps9f2cbd31.gif

Beautiful Broken Mess - Kimberly Lauren

The book starts from the beginning when Audrey meets first meets Jace


"I can’t even call that a kiss because it was on a whole other level. He made me forget about everything... where I was, where I’m from, and even where he’s from. It was just my lips and his, dueling for more."


kiss photo tumblr_mherbmQ7xN1r9jtuao1_500_zps4268e549.gif


And then goes to how she winds up with Jaxxon


what photo tumblr_m6pne9ZGkI1rs4ohqo1_500_zps5af85115.gif


And then what led to their drama and breakup.



Then it leads into what causes Audrey and Lane to wind up in the same college as Jace and Jaxxon.



And she becomes great friends with Emerson and the rest of the gang.


photo anchormantumblr_zpsc16ee5a1.gif


And how the relationship between Jace and Audrey eventually progresses.


“Jace, I've always wanted you, and I've never pretended otherwise. No one has even come close to making me feel the way I do when I’m with you.”


And then Jace is a bit of a douchebag.


jerk photo tumblr_lnxa96_T8m01qae5u4o1_500_zpsf1cd2798.gif


And how they eventually get their HEA. (It was a little cheesy towards the end but whatever..)


“Lucky to have found you. Blessed to have you.”


awwww photo tumblr_inline_mirasunWYr1qz4rgp_zpsa5f5e494.gif


Overall I enjoyed this but my I only felt mild sympathy for Audrey. I mean she did have a shitty childhood but she was kinda easy. I mean she automatically slept with Jaxon thinking he was Jace and then just totally ditched Jace.


photo nomi_zps9283be9c.gif


I will say I'm glad everything was a misunderstanding and she wound up with Jace b/c Jace is just awesome. I love him!



I also love protective "big brother" Lane. He was a great addition and I love his relationship with Audrey


. awesome photo tumblr_mp44itsaSP1swdrauo2_250_zpsb1cfb172.gif


Also thanks to Ms. Lauren for refraining from putting running in this book :)

photo RUNNING_zpsf46563b3.jpg

Torn from You - Nashoda Rose

So after reading .5 With You and being left with an awful cliffhanger I had to know what happens next. Like immediately!!!

calm down photo calm-down-woman_zps85919ca7.gif

So this book starts off with Emily being kidnapped.

wtf photo tumblr_inline_midyboBQpI1qz4rgp_zps33fbc74f.gif

I was alone and fighting to survive.
When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me.

I was wrong."

Is Sculpt a good guy? or a bad guy? Please be good!!!

PLEase photo tumblr_lhh9mu1v6W1qafrh6_zps5185a934.gif

Nope. Not exactly...

photo Revenge-2x02-Emily_zps3402bb58.gif

Eventually, Emily gets free and tries to move on with her life.

okay photo tumblr_lynigyw80B1r8058ko1_400_zpsb927ca7f.gif

"Some things can't be repaired. You break them bad enough, they can't be fixed."

And two years later back into her life comes Logan. She shouldn't want him but part of her still does since she at one time loved him.

no you didn't photo tumblr_ldtc8i6DzM1qzhoj9_zps4476e8ba.gif

"We're only broken when we're apart."

Can they ever get back to where they were before?

ARC kindly provided by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review

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With You - Nashoda Rose

5 WTF just happened stars???

This book is the back-story of Logan aka Sculpt and Emily. It is not required to read this before starting Torn from You but I do think it is beneficial.

Sculpt is an underground fighter and also a musician. He is taking fights to get money for his band to go on tour.

Emily is an insecure girl who is looking to learn to fight to protect herself after being attacked. She has always been put down by her mother for never being good enough so she's lacking confidence. So she talks Scuplt into helping her

great photo tumblr_llucy6tyrN1qbmozgo1_500_zpsebce97aa.gif

Somewhere along the way they fall for each other.

happy photo tumblr_mkrfcdYaod1qbjt25o1_500_zps98026362.gif

"I kiss you Emily...there's no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what's mine. I don't share."

kiss photo tumblr_lmzl92CAcn1qh7487o1_r1_500_zpsa380df73.gif

A few of Emily's friends aren't so sure about her relationship with Sculpt.

disapprove photo tumblr_m5vy4mebEU1qas2jf_zpsbf3c890b.gif

I mean she doesn't even know his real name. His past seems very shady and mysterious.

bother you photo 53818-This-is-too-sweet--Imgur-gBcD_zps29935393.gif

"My past isn't important. There's nothing to talk about. I want you. That's it, Eme. That's what's important."

But Emily doesn't care about Sculpt's(Logan's) past, she just wants him.

bad decisions photo decisions_zps3402fd51.gif

But does his past come back to hurt him? Or hurt Emily?

BOOM photo p2axq0v_zps2bf2a1ec.gif

OMG! That Ending!

aghhhhh photo tumblr_msgrei1EuA1s4xdz1o1_500_zps356321ec.gif

clap photo tumblr_m4n9428dW21r8oj5z_zps8d3673c3.gif

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Laney (The Brookehaven Vampires #1) - Joann I. Martin Sowles

3.5 YA Vampire stars....

This was a cute YA read about Laney who is head over heels for Oliver who she meets the first day of college.

Oliver is a hottie

Oliver winds up having every single class with Laney and shows up everywhere she is which is not weird at all....

so Laney should be

aghhhhh photo tumblr_msgrei1EuA1s4xdz1o1_500_zps356321ec.gif

but instead she is

swoon photo swoon_zps16b805ce.gif

then later when she finds out he is a vampire and instead of

scared photo tumblr_inline_mfyw2k2bhJ1r8t9ah_zps8f91e42f.gif

she's all

love photo tumblr_inline_mjo0sukvPX1r8wzyw_zps96bf3d82.gif

Oliver is a protector and has to protect Laney from his evil twin brother, Oscar who is seeking revenge.

anyways, it was decent, but not great...

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Fighting Redemption - Kate  McCarthy

Ryan has had an awful childhood and has basically been adopted by brother and sister Jake and Finlay. Jake is Ryan's age and becomes his best friend.

photo tumblr_inline_mv40aqLXin1rueuxo_zps14ad2446.gif

Ryan is great but I will say Jake is an awesome character as well. He is an all around great guy and absolutely loves his sister!

NICE photo -revenge-revenge-32474816-245-170_zps1209f7a6.gif

Finlay is 3 years younger than both of them but has always been in love with Ryan.

Ryan thinks the best thing for him to do is to stay away from Finlay so he leaves for the Australian army and doesn't contact her for 6 years.

NO photo tumblr_mtwdeylOTd1rs6wwfo1_500_zps39e688dd.gif

She grows up and tries to move on with her life but still has Ryan in the back of her heart.

quit photo tumblr_m91e6aysSH1rs4zlf_zps83a54f95.gif

Ryan comes back and its like he's never been gone and that spark is still there.

"For six years I fought every day not to think of you, and I lost, because every day you were all I could see."

LOL photo tumblr_mbtdmnNMUP1qlxnhco6_250_zps3e328cec.gif

Ryan still doesn't think he is good enough for her and wants her to move on with her life.

photo tumblr_m1rrraTyjS1qcc73io1_500_zpsfbeb169b.gif

But will Finlay move on with her life or try to stay with Ryan and help him battle his demons, or will she eventually wind up by herself anyway?

"It doesn't matter if you live a billion years, or just a short handful. It's how bright you burn while living that really matters."

beautiful photo tumblr_lyc52n7FaU1qak4zoo1_500_large_zps5aa41368.gif

Oh and FYI you will at least tear up in this book. If you don't, you probably don't have a soul. ;)

photo real-house-wives-you-should-know-gif_zps1ded8347.gif

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What's left of Me - Amanda Maxlyn

"I am Aundrea McCall, and I am a survivor."

Aundrea was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and apparently it decides to come back again four years later.

photo 783795_zps0a7f90a5.gif

She moves in with her adopted sister, Genna, to Rochester while getting treatment. While out one night with a friend at the club shaking her booty she meets hottie Parker. (Ok, technically she met him in the bathroom but whatever.)

twerk photo p1Q73Ox_zpsa32f01b7.gif

They go back to his apartment and have some super hot sexxy times...

Aundrea tries to bail on her one night stand but fate allows them to meet again....

awesome photo tumblr_lzd6sbN8X51qcjokg_zps4d08c142.gif

Parker falls head over heels but Aundrea isn't looking for a relationship. Aundrea hasn't considered marriage or kids in her future due to her worry about whether or not she will survive the cancer.

Aundrea didn't want Parker to know about her cancer b/c then he would show her the same sympathy as everyone else. That's part of why she kept him at an arm's length for so long. But then finally she lets him know.

And Parker is so awesome.....

"You're scared, but just because you can't see your future, doesn't mean that I can't. I see it clearly because I can see mine."

HELLO photo youhadmeathello_zps32307e4f.gif

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Dear Emily (Forever Family) - Trudy Stiles, Katie Mac

Dear Emily by Trudy Stiles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


clap photo tumblr_m4n9428dW21r8oj5z_zps8d3673c3.gif

Where do I start on this book. I freaking devoured it...Like ignore my kids, ignore my husband, ignore my work until I could finish....and it is one of my favorites of the year....I'm reading and my husband looks over at me and I'm like....

crying photo tumblr_inline_mm99hvC74U1qz4rgp_zps4abc0bc1.gif

I didn't really highlight anything because I was reading so fast so I'll just touch on the characters so as not to spoil it for anyone.


photo tumblr_ma37y0qa691rvwttvo1_500_zps8259eb0a.gif


awesome photo tumblr_mcxpen6BhJ1r8fgpk_zps10fa685a.gif

love photo tumblr_lhbp77iUJG1qfnn2g_zpsbf38f852.gif

Carly and Kyle together

kiss photo tumblr_mherbmQ7xN1r9jtuao1_500_zps4268e549.gif

Carly's Friends - Becca, Callie, and Manny

best friends photo tumblr_mjxgajUQPN1rgszxco1_500_zpsa2230334.gif

friendship photo tumblr_inline_mlacbcHJGC1qz4rgp_zpsa382b1c6.gif


empty photo tumblr_mkl8dnXjaj1rjnny3o1_500_zps3a040d58.gif

hold you photo Just-Let-Me-Hold-You-Reaction-Gif_zps2d6ce6d2.gif

hug photo tumblr_m8clatPU0R1r7uzo4_zps41a96352.gif


disapprove photo tumblr_m5vy4mebEU1qas2jf_zpsbf3c890b.gif

Alex and Tabitha together

intense photo tumblr_mgjlfcNgB21r62ix2o9_r2_250_zpsd64e3a33.gif


douchebag photo 14o910m_zpsbd3e42ca.gif


kill photo tumblr_mg124aPbaC1qasdemo1_r4_500_zps2ca707d7.gif

die photo 707i_zpsdb1a2a83.gif

And lastly to the author, Ms. Stiles

high five photo Iub8V_zps8f13b371.gif

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Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3) - Kele Moon

5-Breaking my heart stars!

FEELS photo tumblr_inline_mohubetJve1qz4rgp_zps41ab6a30.gif

This was Wyatt and Tabitha's book. I never read book 1 of this series but I read book 2 and enjoyed it minus the hick talk. I was apprehensive about reading Wyatt's book since I didn't want his hickisms to come out but this book was mainly focused on Tabitha. And man what a great read.

Tabitha has an awful childhood and doesn't feel worthy of anyone, especially Wyatt Conner

PERFECT photo tumblr_mvpe9wsZUJ1sl84j7o1_500_zps32dcba40.gif

Wyatt has been in love with Tabitha since kindergarten and over time tries to woo her.

feeling photo tumblr_mbp2929cAW1qcqczdo1_500_zps6f768fd8.gif

"Just like he knew he was supposed to grow up, be sheriff, and marry Tabitha McMillen."

love photo tumblr_mjl4kdxGJJ1rorqtmo1_400_zps8c18dcc5.gif

She finally gives into the love she is feeling for Wyatt. But everyone else doesn't like them together either

mind ya business photo tumblr_inline_moea4stcmA1qz4rgp_zps247bb1e1.gif

"She wanted the story to end with this one perfect moment.
And they lived happily ever after.
If only she believed it was that easy."

Unfortunately to save Wyatt from himself, Tabitha has to leave and get out of small town Garnet.

never look back photo tumblr_mlzve0FTy91s7dgwgo1_500_zps0fd25cf4.gif

At this point I was

freaking out photo tumblr_inline_moio7wcptu1qz4rgp_zps563b1197.gif

CRYING photo tumblr_inline_mjomz8VDIk1qz4rgp_zps4c9fb4b7.gif

And then because Tabitha's mom is sick she comes back to town 13 years later...And Wyatt is sheriff.....Wyatt sees Tabitha and guess what....

love photo tumblr_mpf78uqqyO1qii8hro1_500_zps9ab9d1db.gif

And because I don't want to give away the whole story I'm stopping there but even if you haven't read the others in this series I would so urge you to read this one b/c I absolutely loved it.

absolutely photo tumblr_mggjkojtuu1rkb0m7o1_500_zps2e6e17bf.gif

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